So say Google's critics about a company which, lets face it, is only 14 years old. We know what they're like; trying to grow up quickly, but really still a kid at heart. And that pretty much sums up the company's week as it keeps trying to please users while trying to obey the grown-ups.

It's Just a Flesh Wound

Google has taken the nominally sensible (with a little nudging from the Federal Trade Commission) decision to simplify its privacy policy and bring the policies behind its various services and offerings under a unified structure. That naturally brought life's worriers out, some with justified concerns and some panicking, well, because everyone else seems to be doing so.

Some people have found out that Google thinks they're the wrong age or sex, but as its easily fixed, that makes for good headlines more than serious concerns. More concern is being raised about the fact that Google now shares your data between its services. Unless the content of a confidential Google Docs file or personal Gmail message gets published on your Google+ account, we can't see anyone getting too upset.

In reality, even with the refined terms of service, will anyone actually read it properly, or understand it? Will the changes see enterprises or users rush to other services? We doubt it and, give it a week or two, most users won't even remember the fuss. However, as long as Google continues to push users toward Google+, it will keep getting people's backs up and generating resentment that may come back to bite it in the long run.

What Has Google Ever Done For Us?

Among all the fuss, Google keeps bring out the updates and new features. For example, your Google Docs content can now be exported using Google's Takeout page. All, or some, of your data can be pulled from Google and download for integration into other apps, handy if you're worried about losing your data or if you're furious about the new policies and want to move your stuff elsewhere.

Learning Opportunities


Take your content away in Google's handy takeout doggie bag

On the mobile front, Google has updated some of its Android apps and improved integration with Microsoft's Windows Phone mango update. On the Android side, Google Maps Navigation will enter ‘night mode’ when going through tunnels, while the Listen and Googles apps a host of bug and performance fixes.

For those picking up the latest Windows Phones, Google has updated how the calendar and email services interact with Mango. Multiple calendars (up to 25) can now be added to a phone, and you can now send mail from a range of accounts, if you have personal, business and other guises, on the one phone in Google Sync.

Finally, Google Earth is now up version 6.2 and comes with several useful features including better stitching of land photos that don't line up properly, more route features for navigation and improved integration with, you've guessed it, Google+.