Forward Search (news, site) 2.0 release aims to increase the amount of website and enterprise data you can search to better mine results and improve business intelligence.

Further Adventures in Search

We covered Danish company Forward last year, as it picked up a round of venture capital funding for its expanding search technology that was doing well in its local markets. Now with clients across Europe, including the U.K., the company has released its second generation product, Forward Search 2.0.

A platform for web and enterprise search, it works with a range of .NET Web CMSs, including EPiServer, Sitecore and Umbraco to collect a wide range of data including index content, crawler logs and visitor searching behaviour from within the Web CMS, helping editors improve the search experience.


Forward Search 2.0 pushes what you can hunt for

Mining the Data Depths

Additionally, the search engine can be pointed at document stores including Microsoft and OpenOffice, detecting languages automatically, along with connectors for SharePoint, SQL and HTTP data sources. Users can save time with the type ahead feature that offers predictive text.

Further improvements are planned with the addition of geo-spatial searching to help localize results and a custom thesaurus that lets users widen the terms being searched for by adding terms the users might mean.


Forward Search can help guide your users to the right target

Marching Forward

Forward Search offers enterprise search including full-text search, linguistics, behavior tracking and reporting, extensive tuning and structuring. This enables corporations to handle large amounts of unstructured information (content) that can be accessed and analyzed.

Available in a range of editions, from a website search edition to a full enterprise package and the company offers a partner program to help users get the desired results from their use of Forward Search 2.0.