Simplexo Enterprise Database Search Ingres
Simplexo is on a mission to make real-time enterprise search simple, efficient and functional. Ingres is on a path to make open source databases manageable and supportable. Combine the two, and you have a super-fast and secure method of searching, accessing and managing database information.Butler Group, an analyst firm located in the UK, has revealed through research that employees spend up to 20 hours per week searching for information. With that in mind, Simplexo is determined to reduce the time spent searching for information and increase the time using that information, and Ingres wants to take advantage.

Database Search, the Simplexo Way

Simplexo is an enterprise search tool that is optimized for performing difficult search queries, and that can be useful to a company that creates databases for the enterprise -- this is likely why Simplexo and Ingres decided to team up. The Ingres Database and IceBreaker BI Appliance will benefit from the numerous features of Simplexo search: * Single-click search * Third-party development API * AES 256 encryption * Real-time search data * Open source * Platform independent Roger Burkhardt, president and CEO of Ingres, is happy with how things turned out: “This partnership delivers extraordinary results with a simple low cost approach. We anticipate great interest among our customers in the search capabilities that Simplexo offers, especially among our many customers in the financial sector. Simplexo addresses critical business requirements, such as compliance and risk management, with a low cost approach that is simple to implement and operate.” The search and retrieval of information in an efficient manner is becoming more of a priority. Simplexo, as we previously noted, has plenty of growth potential. Too bad these companies did not flat-out merge: Inglexo has a good sound to it.