Atlassian is updating its enterprise collaboration software platform to streamline feedback in pages and files.

Next week, the Sydney, Australia-based provider plans to release Confluence 5.7, which company officials claim will enable users to consistently give feedback in context and in one place.

The rise in remote workers and increasingly distributed teams makes workplace collaboration more difficult than ever, Wendell Keuneman, Atlassian's group product manager, told CMSWire. "Adding to the sheer physical communication barriers is the amount of technologies, file types and communication channels that modern teams use on a daily basis. To overcome these challenges, teams need a collaboration platform that keeps everyone in sync, regardless of location or content type," he said.

Collaboration Features

New features in this release of Confluence include:

  • Share and view files in one place by uploading (drag and drop files to add them to any Confluence page), previewing (add multiple files at once and get a sneak peek with powerful previews), reviewing (pin comments to PDFs, Word, Powerpoint, Excel) and versioning (keeps track of new file uploads)
  • Add feedback inline. Pin a comment to any part of the file and multiple points of one image to suggest changes in design and color, or leave a comment on a particular section of a page of a PDF. Commenting inline on pages by highlighting a word, sentence or paragraph and clicking the chat bubble icon that pops up
  • Discuss feedback and reach consensus. Teammates can build on other's comments
  • Close your feedback loop and get it done. Original commenters receive a notification when comments are resolved


"Too often feedback is lost in translation because it almost always exists separately from the actual content that's being reviewed, such as a PowerPoint presentation, an image or a PDF," Keuneman said. "And it rarely has a clear and linear context to support it."

Learning Opportunities

Why Confluence in a flooded enterprise collaboration space?

"No other product makes it as easy for teams to review and discuss content in context," Keuneman said. Built on top of the company's  content editing experience, Confluence has "the richest and most contextual commenting experience" of any collaboration platform, he claimed, adding, "Confluence helps teams manage feedback better, in a way that is consistent, contextual and collaborative."

Atlassian was founded in 2002 and employs 1,000 people worldwide. 

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