While the Leaders in Gartner's Social CRM quadrant exhibit characteristics match today's needs, it's the Visionaries that demonstrate an understanding of future market trends. Two familiar names made the cut this year:


Attensity (news, site) was highlighted in this year's Social CRM Magic Quadrant thanks to its advanced social analytics and monitoring capabilities for customer service and marketing processes.

  • Strengths: Attensity's social analytics system can define business interactions, classification and routing rules, as well as analyze engagement outside of social media -- e-mails, text messages and chats included. The company recently released Attensity Respond 5.1, which automatically determines the routing and prioritization of customer engagements. Attensity also integrates directly with CRM systems like Oracle, SAP, salesforce.com and Microsoft CRM.
  • Cautions: In addition to geographical limitations (North America and Europe), Gartner warns potential users that Attensity does not have a best-of-breed community software solution, nor does it act as the customer record, limiting future capabilities and strategic planning. 


Telligent (news, site) was recognized this time around for focusing on social use cases in corporate communications, employee networking and collaboration, and customer support.

  • Strengths: Telligent's capabilities are built for a range of users and processes: externally facing communities, social CRM, and workforce implementations. Features include basic social monitoring capabilities for popular environments like Twitter, and two-way content sync, enabling participants in a Facebook community to receive notifications of activities within the community. Notable re-sellers include Accenture, RDA and Booz Allen. 
  • Cautions: Gartner warns potential users about Telligent's slower product development cycles as well as a slight deficit in the CRM integration department. Also, because the company has strong ties to Microsoft technologies, the possibility of integration with SharePoint would limit Telligent's platform to the MS network. 

A Niche Time

While the Leaders, Visionaries and Challengers (Bazaarvoice) quadrants only add up to six vendors total, the niche quadrant is bursting.

Niche Players provide useful, focused technology, understand changing market dynamics and 
are working toward evolving their product capabilities. However, some can be held back by 
narrow functions, limited product road maps or a lack of an innovative growth strategy. Many of 
the smaller vendors may enjoy success relative to their size, but need to grow and establish their 
positions before their competitive differentiation erodes in 2011.

In no particular order: 

  • OpenText
  • RightNow 
  • Demand Media
  • Mzinga
  • Alterian
  • Kana Software
  • InsideView 
  • Converseon
  • Visible Technologies 
  • NM Incite
  • Cymfony
  • Vision Critical
  • Globalpark 
  • PowerReviews 

Bye, Bye, Baby 

Meanwhile,  handful of players were given the boot for not meeting this year's requirements:

  • Thompson Reuters-Hubbard One
  • Leverage Software
  • Oracle CRM On Demand
  • LiveWorld
  • KickApps
  • Vovici

The actual report has much more to say about these leaders. Check it here. Alternatively, check out our coverage on the leaders of this quadrant