Attensity Respond 5.1 Blends Social Media With Customer Service
Following up on Attensity's recent update to its Attensity Analyze tool, which allowed users to glean business intelligence from customer data, the company has announced an update to its Analyze Respond multichannel customer engagement application. Analyze Respond 5.1 makes it easier to integrate social media into the customer engagement process.

Socializing Customer Service

The release is aimed at customer contact centers, whose representatives interact and respond to customers' comments and complaints. With Respond 5.1, contact center agents can route and respond to customer requests for help in social media from the same application they use for emails, phone calls and other channels. Such streamlined workflows can improve the experiences customers receive, even if they originally had an unfavorable one.

Attensity Respond classifies and routes customer conversations across multiple channels

Attensity Respond classifies and routes customer conversations across multiple channels

Managing the Customer Experience

The enhanced updates also allow social media responders to transfer conversations “offline” into email or SMS messages, making it easier to follow up and respond in more than 140 characters. Taking a cue from records management, contact centers can now track cross channel messages across one interaction ticket and over time on the customer’s record, as a result making it more efficient to filter social, email or other messages by channel, or route a blended queue with specific topics or products.

Attensity Respond 5.1 provides customer service agents with feedback as well by determining a comment’s routing and prioritization through integration with Facebook, Twitter and other influencing metrics such as Klout.

Respond to Retain Customers

As more companies find that their customers are turning to Twitter and other social media as a primary resource for customer assistance and feedback, they struggle to keep up. Immediate acknowledgment of complaints or questions can be the difference between retaining and losing a customer, so having the right tools, like those offered by Attensity, in place can help handle the high volumes of customer conversations generated in social media, as well as support for large numbers of distributed users.