Basecamp Gets Personal: Releases Project Management for Leisure Time Tasks

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This time, Basecamp makes it personal. The project management software is spinning off a new platform for outside-of-work use, called Basecamp Personal. 

In a posting this week on the blog of 37signals, Basecamp’s parent company, co-founder and CEO Jason Fried noted that the original Basecamp has been a collaboration tool for small businesses, or for small teams inside larger businesses. But the company said it has often heard of users who employ the software to help with home improvement projects, hobbies, volunteer work, even with the biggest project management effort most families will ever face -- a wedding.

Per Project Pricing

The company has also heard that Basecamp is not priced at a level conducive with those personal projects. Hence, the personal version is available for US$ 25 per project instead of a monthly subscription fee, regardless of how long that single project lasts.

It comes with 1GB of file space, and the ability to collaborate with up to five people. Those planning weddings that have departmental structures rivaling major motion picture productions may have to cough up for Personal’s older sibling, which has no limit on co-workers.

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From the Basecamp Personal Web site

Learning Opportunities

Projects themselves are the same in both versions, with discussions, to-do’s, files, text documents and dates, but there are no global features in Personal -- no calendar, progress timeline, everyone page, everything page or people pages, because it’s all focused on one project. Without a calendar, Personal only offers due dates in list view, and there is no template for recurring projects -- each project is a standalone.

Only for Basecamp Users

While 37signals intends to make Personal widely available in the near future, currently it is offered only to existing Basecamp users -- not necessarily account owners, but a user on a Basecamp account. The Personal account is not linked or viewable from the work Basecamp, unless the Personal owner invites a colleague from the office. The Personal account remains even if the user leaves his or her job at the company and is no longer listed as a user on Basecamp at work.

37signals said that, since its start in 2004, Basecamp has hosted more than eight million projects, and is now used in over 180 countries.