There's a lot to be said about customization, but Jennifer Mason enjoys exploring the possibilities of out of the box SharePoint uses. Jennifer's focus on practical applications based on real world scenarios reminds us all what the technology is there for in the first place: to get the job done.

Who are you -- in a 140-character tweet? I am a nerd at heart who loves problem solving -- I love to hear issues and then apply technology to fix them. I love the process!

What attracted you to your field -- and what still excites you about it? I was initially attracted to the use of SharePoint as I worked with a PMO office to use SharePoint to track External Projects. The director of the PMO office really inspired me to look beyond the tool and to really understand the user. To this day, that is really what still keeps me going.

What’s your proudest accomplishment of 2013? It was a big year for me and my biggest accomplishment was marrying the love of my life, Corey Roth. Corey is also a SharePoint consultant and we met a few years ago at a conference. Little did we know where it would lead us!

What’s your goal, personal or professional, for 2014? I would like to spend some more time blogging and building out step-by-step guides for total solutions.

What's an important story you will be tracking in 2014? What else but Yammer and SharePoint integration?

What’s the one New Year resolution you always make -- and always break? Most of my goals for the new year are around being more consistent with “x.” I always have good intentions, but often times it’s a more of a moving target than an obtainable goal.