As 2012 draws to a close, we at CMSWire wanted to take some time out to recognize a few of our many outstanding contributors. 

It was difficult choosing the top 12 contributors of the year from our vibrant community of experts, but the following authors made the list through their combination of writing, social community participation and support throughout the year.

Top Two Contributors  

We at CMSWire know how much you love SharePoint coverage and Jennifer Mason's contributions have informed and kept us up to date throughout the year, be it reports from the SharePoint 2013 release, front line coverage of the SharePoint conference or her take on what SharePoint means for the knowledge worker of today

Somebody has to ask the hard questions and we are lucky enough to have Deb Lavoy around to not only ask them, but also answer them. Deb has struck a nerve in 2012 by questioning the need for the sales funnel, provoking debate on the value of metrics and challenging us all to become better at who we are and what we do

The Top Ten

  • Christian Buckley, SharePoint Server MVP, Director of Product Evangelism, Axceler (@buckleyplanet)
  • Edward Smith, Editor of DAM Learning Center and Product Marketing Manager at Extensis (@damgeek)
  • Jed Cawthorne, Senior Strategy Consultant, One of North Americas top ten financial services organizations (@jedpc)
  • Kevin Conroy, Founder and President, Blue Rooster (@seattlerooster)
  • Martin White, Managing Director, Intranet Focus, Ltd. (@intranetfocus)
  • Mimi Dionne, Consultant and Owner, Mimi Dionne Consulting (@cawprhyd)
  • Oscar Berg, Management Consultant (@oscarberg)
  • Stephen Fishman, Director of Application Architecture and Engineering for a prominent .com (@trivoca)
  • Symon Garfield, Head of Business Consulting, Foundation SP (@symon_garfield)
  • Virginia Backaitis, Senior Partner, Brilliant Leap 

Thank you to all of these authors. We will be profiling each of them in turn, so be sure to check in again to learn more about these active members of our community.

We are thankful for all of our contributors and to the greater CMSWire community for being so generous with your thoughts and knowledge. We look forward to sharing more ideas in 2013.