Small and medium sized businesses have a shiny new toy to help connect their productivity apps.

CloudWork has launched this week at the Dublin Web Summit, and it's from a company called Nubera, makers of GetApp, a large independent app marketplace. Cloudwork promises to automate some of the most tedious and time consuming of business app maintenance, what the CloudWork team calls chore-dom.

Social and Business Apps Talk to Each Other

CloudWork will build a unified view of CRM and helpdesk apps that eliminates multiple logins and exporting or copying and pasting files, for example. Things like syncing contacts, automating notifications and triggering backups of files can all be built into a business favorite apps.


Apps like Dropbox, Evernote and Twitter can all be connected so that all customer contacts within those apps are all kept in one place. There are about 30 apps integrated so far and many more preset streams for connecting them in CloudWork. 

Nubera, the company that built CloudWork, has also announced it bought Tarpipe, a company known for its app integration ability in the cloud. Specifically, Tarpipe is handy for connecting social media streams, and automating workflows associated with publishing and sharing content.


CloudWork is building up its compatible app list. The shadowed apps in the image are the ones that are coming soon.

High Functioning Tools Trickling Down to SMBs

Forty percent of small businesses are using cloud apps, and 15% are using five or more, according to CloudWork. Many high functioning IT systems are out of reach of these folks, so low cost, non-capital intensive solutions like CloudWork should be very welcome indeed.

Furthermore, CloudWork will be integrated with GetApp, the app discovery network that already has 4,000 cloud apps. Pricing for Cloudwork will be tiered, and there is a free version. The difference between the free, US $50 per month and advanced versions comes down to the number of streams needed, how often data needs to be checked on and support. 

All versions can use an unlimited number of apps, but the advanced version offers unlimited tasks, custom streams for any new app and backend integration. Customers will need to contact the company for pricing at this level.