It's a month of retrospective insights, social business has proven perhaps the most evolutionary. Just look how far we've come in a year. Not only are there more social platforms to engage with, but we're so much closer to integrating social interactions into our business applications. Whether it's a social intranet or social CRM, we're socializing business one way or another.

A Social Year in Review

In this original infographic, we aim to summarize not only the progress that specific social media networks have made during the past year, but the tools and strategies we're employing to help us improve productivity, efficiency and ultimately, the bottom line.

In a year from now, there may be a new set of tools and social platforms demanding our attention, but we'd like to think that the general equation will still exist. Using our articles as a guide, we gleaned the following elements as those that we either covered the most or stressed as most important to successful social business outcomes. Among them, collaboration, community and engaged senior management were very prominent -- indicating that without them, even measurable goals and increased productivity will still have trouble making ends meet.

social Business.png

Learning Opportunities

As far as social tools go, mobile lead the way. While iPads and iPhones lead the way, the competition was quick to catch up. If companies thought that they could ignore mobile devices, the proliferation of the mobile market only made it more challenging to do so. Those who sought to leverage the power of mobile did so using line of business mobile apps, to ensure security and productivity.

Social business in 2012 was full of innovation, competition and the pursuit of meaningful engagement. As we move forward, we can only hope that we will build on our success and learn from our mistakes to ensure that the future of social business continues to empower, engage and enable companies to work smarter, not harder.