The success of Moxie Software's social business platform is further proof that it's important to provide the right tools for both the employee and the customer to engage, share and work together.

Moxie Makes the Social Grade

The numbers are in and Moxie Software has had a good fiscal 2011. With 75 new customers (a 30% growth increase) and 79 existing customers increasing their use of Moxie's products, Moxie had an overall 40% increase in recurring revenues, which included quadrupled sales of its Employee Spaces product.

And if you think this past year was good, Moxie is expecting fiscal 2012 to be even better. They are predicting 50% sales growth and 40% revenue increase from the prior year.

Now Moxie Software isn't operating at the level of Jive Software or Telligent in terms of revenues, but they are a social software vendor to watch (something Forrester acknowledges). The list of platform enhancements in 2011 clearly demonstrates they have what it takes to be considered among the leaders in the space.

Some of the platform enhancements from 2011 include:

  • A new mobile interface for Customer Spaces Knowledge base
  • Integrated Chat in the Contact Center
  • Mobile and rich media integration for Employee Spaces
  • A secure integration framework for Employee Spaces that includes integration with common internal apps like CRM, ERP, Content Management, HR and Microsoft Office

Add to these updates some key executive appointments and Moxie is ready to take on 2012. 

Given our momentum and the market climate, we are confident that we will see strong returns in our technology and corporate investments,” said Tom Kelly, CEO of Moxie Software TM. “Moxie’s unique ability to power enterprise collaboration – and connect it to customers – drives business value and enables us to achieve our goals in 2012.”

Social Software is a Must Have

This is the year that customer experience management (CXM) becomes top of mind for organizations. To do CXM well requires a focus not only on the customer, but also on the employee (see Deb Lavoy's Customer Experience Management: We Want to be Adored). 

Moxie is predicting that internal collaboration platforms, like theirs, will become a knowledge source for customer communications. I think they are right, these platforms will play a critical role in CXM. Platforms that enable internal and external communities to work together will be important, and this is something Moxie does well.