Hashtags are the new black. Twitter users roll them out for things like event coordination or easy following of upcoming conferences and product releases. Now there's a new simple app that uses the hashtag (pound sign #) as a way to interact with Twitter followers in a more useful way.

Polls are a time tested way of getting instant feedback on all kinds of fun topics. With TwitPolls, companies can use polls to get detailed info from their Twitter followers, increase dialog among them and generally make the whole process more fun.

twitPolls_nuggets (2).jpg

The Denver Nuggets NBA team uses TwitPolls to give viewers a chance to interact during games.

That's because TwitPolls allows polls to be built right into the Twitter timeline. There's no need to put a link in your tweet and force people to leave their Twitter feed and load up another website. This is especially useful for people using mobile devices, where opening that other page just for a poll is simply to much to ask.

For now, TwitPolls is a free Web-based app, but the company that created it, Wayin.com has said there are plenty of options for companies to build in more robust functions like video and sound effects.

Check This Box if You Like Polls

Although anyone can use TwitPolls for things like deciding where to go have lunch, companies can use it to get feedback about a product or to build awareness about a new service. Those interested only need to sign into the TwitPolls app with their Twitter name and password, and send out a poll just like a normal tweet.

Type in the question and answers or let TwitPolls generate the answers in hashtag form for you. Anyone who wants to answer the poll simply has to hit the reply button on the original tweet, and answer using one of the included hashtags. More people will get to see your tweet, and TwitPolls will count up the votes for you.

TwitPolls How To

Once a TwitPolls account is set-up and the questions and answers entered, the TwitPolls page will show the results (above picture). There's no pricing yet for using poll answers to make custom graphs or videos, but those will likely be forthcoming. Additionally, if there's any doubt about how well the app might be put together, it's made by Wayin.com, the start-up founded by Sun Microsystems co-founder Scott McNeely. There's a mobile app in the works, so for now it's just the Web version.

Tell us in the comments if you think polls are overrated or if you think this idea will be a fundamental change for Twitter users.