Oracle Upgrades HR Cloud To Battle IBM, Salesforce, Workday #oow13

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Oracle’s cloud business was always going to be one of the key points of interest at this year’s Oracle OpenWorld.Sure enough, there has been a lot of talk around the cloud and cloud products. Among yesterday’s noteworthy announcements were upgrades to both Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud (HCM) and Oracle Talent Management Cloud (TMC).

HR Cloud Competition

If human resources management software has been one of the smaller technology spaces in the wider enterprise software space, competition in the cloud has become so intense that even here there is jostling for the top spots.

While this does not necessarily explain the new upgrades, which also pull both HCM and TMC closer together, recent developments in the space have forced Oracle to improve its game here.

Among those developments is last year’s stock flotation by Workday, in which it managed to raise nearly US$ 700 million. At the time, it said  the funds would be used to build it up its customer base, including Oracle’s PeopleSoft customers.

There are others that have been snapping at Oracle’s heels here, including IBM and Salesforce, who are not just piling pressure on the human capital management space, but right across the cloud.

Oracle’s HR Cloud

However, Oracle is well able to compete in the cloud, especially as it has one of the most integrated technology stacks of any IT vendor.

In this case, the tighter integration of HCM and TMC enables users to transfer information from one application to another. Oracle also says that the upgrades will result in a more interactive, social and mobile employee experience across the entire workforce.

Learning Opportunities

This means that content that is fed into the TMC can be added to dossiers and content contained in the HCM cloud.Among the other notable improvements, Oracle cites the new dashboard that gives managers an overview of all the information available on specific employees, or groups.

There is also deeper social integration with users able to send elements of their LinkedIn profiles to their internal TMC profiles, while the integration will also ensure connection to payroll, recruitment, performance management and learning applications.

There are many more upgrades here that are immediately available to Oracle Cloud customers as part of Release 7. More from OpenWorld later today.