Want to watch someone walk their talk? Then keep your eyes on Bob Zukis.

Zukis is the author of Social Inc., a book that claims Business is the next social opportunity — and it's worth trillions of dollars.

Beginning this morning, he’ll have a chance to prove it when he takes the helm at Bloomfire, a start-up that aims to revolutionize the Enterprise through its knowledge sharing and social collaboration platform.

For those who aren’t yet familiar with Bloomfire, it was launched nearly two years ago at SXSW in Austin, Texas, where the company also happens to be based.

Better Together


Zukis is apparently excited about his new role: he was identifying himself as the company CEO on his Twitter profile even before the company officially released the news.

Now Zukis isn’t a guy whose primary claim to fame is as an author — he spent the better part of three decades as a partner at PwC helping clients find their future with new technology and in emerging markets.

One thing he recognized through his years of work is that people are more productive when they work together than apart.

And while social technologies like Yammer have done much to encourage knowledge sharing and collaboration at work, most anyone who uses them will acknowledge that they often fall short or miss their mark.

Learning Opportunities

It seems that what Enterprises need is not just a place for workers to engage, but a space where the engagement is meaningful, where information that is shared can be transformed into knowledge and then put into the hands of employees when they need it.

“The first generation of enterprise social tools were one dimensional ­— they focused on communication but in most cases, that didn’t lead to business results,” said Chris Pacitti, general partner at Austin Ventures and member of the Bloomfire board of directors.

Purposeful Collaboration

Pacitti and the rest of Bloomfire’s board is charging Zukis with leading Bloomfire in realizing its vision of purposeful collaboration through a platform that not only improves how people consume and share knowledge but also leads to increased employee engagement and productivity.

If it seems like a lofty goal, Zukis is aiming even higher. He said Bloomfire will redefine the enterprise social space and take the industry to new heights

“Social is the biggest business management game changer of our lives,” said Zukis. “What we do with these new and amazing powers, is the only question.”

We’ll be watching for the answer.