SocialText Plays With Badgeville to Improve Employee Engagement
Earlier this fall, Badgeville announced the launch of its gamification and behavior management platform for Drupal. Today, enterprise social software provider Socialtext is getting in on gamification in the enterprise. Its has announced a partnership with Badgeville, in an effort to infuse gamification capabilities into a variety of applications, widgets, mobile and more.

Gamifying the Enterprise

Certainly the enterprise is no stranger to gamification. By 2014, Gartner has estimated that 70 percent of the world’s 2000 largest companies will embrace gamification in some form, not to mention that with gamification companies can help create customers and solve problems more easily. But implementing gamification requires more than just adding voting buttons or providing incentives for participation. With Badgeville, SocialText is taking enterprise engagement to the next level.

Through the partnership, Socialtext will utilize Badgeville Embed to enhance their overall user experience and increase engagement while better understanding user behavior. But how can we improve employee engagement with gamification?

Understand Your Employees, Then Engage Them

When added to social software, companies can access data and analytics that can provide insights into employee behavior and rewards with opportunities that can be closer aligned with company goals and their work-related behaviors.
By understanding how employees actively participate and the impact that it has on their overall performance, companies can tailor their employee engagement strategies accordingly. It isn't that successful social collaboration and gamification platforms are based on extroverted behaviors. Rather, it’s that understanding the behaviors of your employees can help you implement the right tools that will result in improved collaboration and knowledge sharing. Being social isn't indicative of success, unless you’re talking about the right things, and sharing necessary information.

Badgeville research has shown that behavior analytics can provide the data, context and insight necessary to understand how people meaningfully engage with websites, mobile and enterprise applications. With this kind of rich behavioral data, companies can go to achieve a higher level of analytical discovery than the traditionally anonymous metrics provided by traditional web analytics.