Getting Your Intranet Right
Good reminder this week -- you need to design your intranet to suit how you work, not how someone else thinks you should.

Some good reads:

What Collaboration Means To You
People look at collaboration differently, that's one thing we learned from our #SocBizChat Tweet Jam this week. Another is the that best collaboration evolves organically -- it's not forced. Read the full Tweet Jam recap.

Tools to Enhance Web Experience
This week Sitecore added a Social Starter Kit to its Web Experience Platform. And on the open source side, Acquia announced its new OpenWEM offering for marketers

Forrester: Reconsidering Open Source for Web Experience Management
Join Stephen Powers of Forrester Research for a discussion about
how open source tools can play a key role in multi-channel web
experience management (Oct 31st).
> Reserve Your Seat Here

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