Top Three Weekend Reads: Social Tech versus Culture Smackdown

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In the first corner, social technologies. In the second, corporate culture. Round 1!

To Read Now

1. The gauntlet was thrown down in Deb Lavoy's feature this week. A firm believer in the importance of culture to effect change, Deb held no punches and decided to call out Social Business technology to live up to its side of the bargain in 2013 Prediction: Social Business Tech Will Stop Blaming Culture for Failure:

Social Business technology innovation has been significant and welcome, but progress has stalled. We have gone as far as the current model will take us, and we need a new model. Our insight of and support of the many forms of communication and collaboration is lagging, and while this may not be the fault of the technology, it is limiting the technologists. We need to dig deeper." Read more

2. Contributor Tom Petrocelli also looked into the world of the Social Enterprise in his look back at changes the industry has witnessed in the last 12 months. Read between the lines, and you may get an idea of where it's going in 2013, too in Social Collaboration in 2012 - Moving at Light Speed:

Learning Opportunities

More and more, the Social Enterprise has focused on how to enhance the everyday work product through social collaboration. These companies recognize that we do not collaborate for collaboration’s sake. Instead, we collaborate to get our jobs done and ensure that people operate in the context of normal, day-to-day operations." Read More

3. In this piece, we stepped away from the crystal ball and looked at a problem that needs to be fixed, and it needs to be fixed now. In Kristin Zhivago's Why Your Marketing Content is So Terrible and How to Fix it, Fast we were given a quick pointer for writing content that everyone should keep in mind:

The solution to this problem is simple. Your marketers and copywriters need to get on the phone with customers, NOW. Forget online or email surveys; no one will tell you what they’re really thinking in a “written” document, and if you’re just asking multiple-choice questions, you’ll be asking for them to confirm what you already believe, not what they are really thinking. Forget focus groups; they are awkward group environments where people will not reveal the beliefs that drive their behavior, one person will dominate, and the most interesting people won’t even show up." Read more 

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