Track Your Social Footprint: Give Your Brand Advocates Insight
When it comes to big data, just how much of it is used to leverage your site’s analytics? Thanks to the Dachis Group and its new SaaS product, Advocate Insight, you can monitor and measure the daily interactions in an effort to identify a brand’s most passionate and engaged customers across their social footprint.

Advocate Insight: Brand Advocates With Value

Of course you want to engage with your customers online, but how can you ensure you’re meeting their needs adequately? Advocate Insight is able to identify a brand’s most passionate and engaged customers across their social audience, wherever they are.

Built on top of Dachis Group’s “big data” social analytics platform, which tracks conversations across 30,000 brands, 100 million social accounts and a combined audience size of 5.2 billion followers, fans and subscribers from 233 countries, Advocate Insight isn’t small potatoes.

Managing Your Community's Insight

Brand and community managers alike can take advantage of Dachis Group’s active monitoring of social behaviors across a variety of social media and platforms to improve their return on marketing investments by simplifying advocate identification and accelerating the rollout of engagement programs.

How do they do it, exactly? A number of features allow companies to search, filter, review and categorize user demographics to better understand what users are talking about, the frequency at which they engage with other brands and across which platforms.

  • Advocate Identification: Find brand advocates based on their consistency of social interaction, level of sentiment, signal strength, topical alignment (hivemindedness) and echo and amplification of company content.
  • Spamvocate Filter: Exclude non-advocates, including employees, partners and spammers (“spamvocates”), through an algorithm that analyzes factors such as authenticity of signal, uniqueness, ratio of followers to following and other markers.
  • Advocate Profiles: Analyze advocate effectiveness based on factors such as sentiment, follower base and echoed signals, to better target social outreach programs. Tag advocates and track notes related to specific advocates for activation, team collaboration and program management/execution.
  • Advocate Segmentation: Identify advocates by brand, social platform, audience reach, region, subsidiary and by notes appended by your team.
  • Advocate Effectiveness Ranking: Score and rank your advocates based on their effectiveness. Export results for mobilization programs.


A sample brand's top five advocates; you can click through to uncover social activity with your brand.

Deliver the Right Message, Watch it Amplify

There’s a reason they call it big data -- but what do you do with it once it’s been refined? Ultimately, by being able to identify your brand advocates based on geography, brand, platform and affinity to specific social accounts of the brand, you can focus your attention to developing meaningful messages and deliver them to those followers. Once delivered, you can watch loyal, trusted advocates and passionate brand warriors echo and amplify their message, which in turn will drive authentic engagement.