Tweet Jam Recap: What's Working in Social Business in 2012? #socbizchat

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Wednesday's Tweet Jam brought together a bevvy of experts, analysts and other professionals who weighed in on what's working and the continuing challenges for the enterprise when it comes to social business. Many new faces joined our Tweet Jam regulars to lend their insights as we tackled six questions to determine if organizations are on the right track to social business success. 

We started out with a basic, but fundamental question. In order to determine what's working, we have to figure out what it is we're talking about. For many it was clear that social business was about empowering productivity and improving communications between companies and its employees and customers. 

Q1: How are you defining Social Business today?

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Q1 #SocBizChat Social, Mobile & Local trends transforming all areas of business, esp. customer relationships, engagement and brand buildingLars Trieloff
Q1: The lines between web, mobile and social are becoming more blurred. Soon they will all mean the same thing #socbizchatAnnie Weinberger
Q1: social - in business - isn't a destination, but an integrated set of experiences #SocBizChatRob Howard
Q1: ... and social is the "new normal" for how we work #SocBizChatRob Howard
Contentious ans to Q1: Don't define, it just gets in the way of action. #socbizchattim_walters
@cmswire#socbizchat Q1 - social business uses structure and tech to support people rather than vice versadeb louison lavoy
Q1 First, we all have to realize that internal social business is very different from public-facing social business. #socbiz #SocBizChatTony White
Q1: social business allows businesses to horizontally integrate conversations across technology investments #SocBizChatRob Howard
Q1: Social business is just good business :) It's the type of business that you need to be to be adaptive, learn & deliver value #socbizchatMaria Ogneva
Q1 -strategic change to how enterprises do business: People, processes, practices to connect #socbiz inside to #socbiz outside #SocBizChatJulie Hunt
Q1 Employee collaboration is different from customer engagement. There are tools designed for each of these.#socbiz #SocBizChatTony White
Q1: Social business is about valuing people as a key business asset. Individuals and the collective. Tools are not the focus. #socbizchatLarry Hawes
Q1 Diff def'n for B2B, B2C. Facilitates C2C. #socbizchatChristian Walker
RT @themaria: Q1: Soc Biz is good business :) Its the type of business that you need to be to be adaptive, learn & deliver value #socbizchatbillycripe
Also, Q1: It's about interacting with your customers digitally and allowing them to share with and include their friends #socbizchatAnnie Weinberger
Q1 - Elimination of silos, continuity across channels, focus on all the People who make the biz tick#SocBizChatJulie Hunt
Q1social business today = open collaboration, knowledge sharing and the long-awaited opportunity for real ad-hoc innovation #SocBizChatKathleen Tinajero
It might be that once we define #socbiz, it's already evolved beyond it.#socbizchatCMSWire.com
Q1 - Work smarter, not necessarily harder; life time journey of learning how to work with more wirearchy, less hierarchy :) #socbizchatLuis Suarez
@annerstweets Q1 But can't forget the face-to-face if *really* doing biz socially. #socbizchatChristian Walker
Q1 All business is social (no interaction, no business). We’re all using the term to refer to different means of communication. #SocBizChatTony White
Q1 soc biz is the realization that all biz is selling, supporting & interacting with people.B2B, B2C doesn't matter.#socbizchatbillycripe
Q1: Social is effective exception management (finally!) for BPM. (Variation on G. Moore) #socbizchattim_walters
Q1: Definitions don't really matter; it means different things to diff. companies. Bottom line -- it's how you thrive#socbizchatMaria Ogneva
Q1: From last week's #e2conf - seems we're (thank god) moving up the #socbiz stack, from individual impact, to community (scale) #socbizchatDan Keldsen
Social Business = Good Business putting People in the center. Old Business put Transaction in the center. Q1 #socbizchatYaacov Cohen
Hi all! A1 - I am not sure that web and #socbiz share the same context, for now at least #socbizchatThierry de Baillon
#socbizchat Q1: SB succeeds when individuals personally get value, but also share that in common w/ their networks. Not just value to OrgRawn Shah
Q1 100 tweeps 200 definitions #socbizchatLars Trieloff
Q1: socbiz recognizes that interest & impact are now available from anywhere in the org.It seeks to tap that.#IdTapThat #socbizchatbillycripe
Q1: #socbiz is a big net - to some, that's scary. To others, it's opportunity. Our jobs (well, mine anyway) is to connect dots #socbizchatDan Keldsen
#socbizchat Q1: When shared value is truly felt by people, we get engagement, passion, productivity, innovation. It’s self-perpetuatingRawn Shah
Q1: It's connecting individuals to the network - which has always existed, but mostly invisible since we 1st walked upright #socbizchatDan Keldsen
Q1, with all the diverse forms of #socialmedia, a community is what can unite all the different flavors of social, into 1 #socbizchatMary C. Hall
Q1: Social Business combines intuitive social interface w robust enterprise app capabilities to increase adoption & #worksocial. #socbizchatCindy Cheng

Next we had to explore how social business processes are best implemented or approached. Does their success depend on the motivation of employees or the inspiration of the C-suite executives? As with most things, it's a little bit of both.

Q2: Are emergent, bottom-up approaches beating top-down approaches?

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Q2 #SocBizChat you need vision & adoption: bottom-up gets you started, top-down gets you to your goalsLars Trieloff
Q2: Yes, for the most part bottom up is changing the game - consumers are leading the influence of other consumers #socbizchatAnnie Weinberger
However...Q2: It's still important to have a top down strategy for marketing and product development #socbizchatAnnie Weinberger
Q2: Both top-down and bottom-up efforts needed to maximized adoption. Structure/Purpose + Emergence = Success #socbizchatLarry Hawes
Q2: No, but as social becomes more strategic, the value is higher but so is complexity = more top down #SocBizChatRob Howard
Q2: Emergent, bottom-up approaches have less baggage and seem more likely to succeed.SFDC is a great example.... #socbizchatRon Close
Q2 - Bottom-up won't sustain w/o Top-down: strategy, endorsement, support >> change how the biz works & evolves #SocBizChatJulie Hunt
RT @juliebhunt: Q2 - Bottom-up wont sustain w/o Top-down: strategy, endorsement, support >> change how the biz works & evolves #socbizchatLarry Hawes
Q2: After ensuring the demand with the free bottom up solutions, companies are investing in systemic approaches #SocBizChatRob Howard
#socbizchat Q2: Reality is in the middle. Bottom up is getting a lot of visibility these days because we’ve had so much top down for yearsRawn Shah
#socbizchat Q2: Bottom-up approaches can’t solely claim emergence. Top-down approaches can be emergent tooRawn Shah
#socbizchat Q2: topdown emergence e.g., experimental projects, exec’s personally participating in social.Rawn Shah
Q2: And I do believe that as biz are shifting from tech and use cases to strategic implementations #SocBizChatRob Howard
Q2: What's working is we finally realized what doesn't work: Social silos, pure experiments, & grassroots only. #socbizchattim_walters
Q2 Bottom-up approaches are definitely beating top-down approaches. Doing trumps planning in this game. #SocBizChatTony White
Q2: You need bottom up to make things stick & make things meaningful at individual level. You do need a unifying strategy also.. #socbizchatMaria Ogneva
Q2: The key to bottom up is viral and we can't always count on that #socbizchatAnnie Weinberger
Q2: Best to be listening to bottom up and react with smart top-down changes #socbizchatAnnie Weinberger
Q2 social media empowers the individual which means bottom up.Social Biz means rolling those strengths into the way biz works #socbizchatbillycripe
Not just "too," it's mandatory. RT rawn #socbizchat Q2: Bottom-up approaches can’t solely claim emergence. Top-down can be emergent tootim_walters
Q2: While grassroots is what hooks people & gets them to stay (WIIFM), strategy is usually delivered from execs on down to LOB. #socbizchatMaria Ogneva
Q2: it's an up-and-down continuous flow, SB cannot be emergent or whatsoever while ignoring top-down requests #socbizchatThierry de Baillon
Q2: Ideally also the strategies that come from the top are also grounded in reality from "the troops" / the field / market. #socbizchatMaria Ogneva
Q2: Definitely not either-or - but unless you're in the military - top-down isn't likely to get to sustainable engagement #socbizchatDan Keldsen
Q2 For adoption to be sustained long-term, it needs to be strategic to the whole company, tops-down and bottoms-up. #socbizchatKat Mandelstein
"@annerstweets.Q2: "A top down strategy for marketing and product development. "And also customer care.#socbizchatGarth Landers
Q2 The social business tools on the market now aren't mature enough to include pre-fab social business process. #socbiz #SocBizChatTony White
Q2: The big waste was "toss it out and see what happens." U need to plan to learn from experiments #socbizchattim_walters
It looks like the empowered employee is still involved in #socbiz#socbizchatCMSWire.com
#socbizchat Q2: I still wonder why we spend so much time talking about which direction the approach should go. It goes everywhere.Rawn Shah
Q2 - what works best is a hybrid approach top-down, bottom-up co-creating, co-owning same vision: improve biz perf w/ social #socbizchatLuis Suarez
Q2: IME, the goals of the CEO are NOT a good way to run your social business. Most of them have no concept of the SM world.#socbizchatKristen Daukas
Q2 no two org the same, key element is flexibility as each has org diff. starting point #socbizchatFemke Goedhart
RT @trieloff: Q2/Q3 #SocBizChat engage with customers in their context, speak their language, reach them where they are.#socbizchatKat Mandelstein
The problem with Top Down is that until it gets to the Down, the strategy is no longer relevant and needs to change. Q2 #SocBizChatYaacov Cohen

Once you know from where momentum for social business process needs to come, how you can properly sustain the engagement from among your constituents, whether it's unengaged employees or customers with varying expectations?

Q3: How are organizations sustaining engagement, especially for the couch potatoes?

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Q2/Q3 #SocBizChat engage with customers in their context, speak their language, reach them where they are. That includes the couch.Lars Trieloff
Q3: We need to do more than listen #socbizchatAnnie Weinberger
Q3: social isn't a destination -- it has to be an integrated experience for how we already work #SocBizChatRob Howard
Q3: Make it fun and engaging, let the customer take action digitally #socbizchatAnnie Weinberger
Q3 Don't discriminate against the couch. Couches are comfy ;) #socbizchatLars Trieloff
Q3: Leave the couch potatoes alone. This issocial, not socialism. #socbizchattim_walters
Q3: ...it can't be about forcing technology changes to garner adoption #SocBizChatRob Howard
Fun is now a KPI RT @annerstweets: Q3: Make it fun and engaging, let the customer take action digitally #socbizchatLars Trieloff
#SocBizChat If you look at most orgs today I would say they’re failing overall to sustain engagement, esp amongst today’s Gen Y workforce.Kathleen Tinajero
Q3: It's about understanding how customers want to engage, and if it's from the couch...! #socbizchatAnnie Weinberger
#socbizchat Q3. Do all the potatoes need to be involved to my social business work?Jack Vinson
#socbizchat Q3: Sustaining = something to return to; info that applies in many situations, or new changing infoRawn Shah
#socbizchat Q3: Orgs can try to keep creating new changing info, or the can seed and encourage a community to maturityRawn Shah
Q3: Most orgs aren't reaching their social couch potatoes. That's why we've seen very few cases of enterprise-wide adoption. #socbizchatLarry Hawes
Q3: organizations whose leaders (not just execs) get involved have higher rates of success #SocBizChatRob Howard
Like any real conversation, two-way communication is key.Businesses should give employees power to drive conversations. #SocBizChatColleen Burns
Q3: The biggest issue I see is that marketers are still pushing messages in a voice no one wants to hear OR engage in. Yawn.#socbizchatKristen Daukas
@cmswire q3 #socbiz #socbizchat participation isn't the key q, its hearts and minds. and that's a matter of shared missiondeb louison lavoy
cont. Q2/3#SocBizChat Proof is in decreasing loyalty to orgs & overall rejection of traditional workplace norms, incl communicationKathleen Tinajero
Q3 Let them listen, let them learn.And build on those who get it and love it, even if it's a smaller group than you'd like. #socbizchatKate Dobbertin
It's not hard to lift your thumbs & participate.Good Soc makes it stupid-easy & inspires action rather than mandates it. #socbizchatbillycripe
#socbizchat Q3: The real Enemy of orgs trying to build engagement = a short-termist view (of building engagement/community)Rawn Shah
Great point! RT @rawn: #socbizchat Q3: Sustaining = something to return to; info that applies in many situations, changing info #socbizchatKat Mandelstein
Q3: To sustain, you have to make things personally relevant for people (employees, customers, rest of ecosystem) -- WIIFM #socbizchatMaria Ogneva
#socbizchat Q3. Just because people aren't "involved" doesn't mean they don't see what happens. They learn and talk too. Just not on tools.Jack Vinson
Q3 Does the couch potato spend money or otherwise engage on his iPad? #socbizchatTony White
Working toward driving business results in an authentic, transparent and collaborative environment #socbizchatthelaurenklein
Q3: Engendering, sustaining #SocBiz inside & out takes lot of hard work, impacts all of the enterprise/biz processes/practices #SocBizChatJulie Hunt
This is why social silos are pointless - social not a destination nor a channel RT @robhoward: Q3: social isnt a destination #socbizchatLars Trieloff
I think there are 2 types of couch potatoes: the unengaged employee and the unimpressed customer#socbizchatCMSWire.com
#socbizchat Q3: I think most cmty efforts #fail = when orgs don’t bother to invest into communities for the long-term or into facilitatorsRawn Shah
cont. Q2/3 #SocBizChat Engagement is, therefore, one of the greatest areas of opp for social biz cosKathleen Tinajero
@rawn definitely.SocBiz is long term, not flash in the pan.Sometimes it's even a grind. #socbizchatbillycripe
@cmswire What about the shy active readers? Or are you not counting them as "couch potatoes" ? #socbizchatKate Dobbertin
Q3 Sustaining engagement is trial and error, be it more or less sophisticated. #socbizchatTony White
@FemkeGoedhart @tim_walters "Leave the couch potatoes alone" > Great Point But How about get rid of the couch potatoes? Q3 #SocBizChatYaacov Cohen
Yes, Consumption matters too> @jackvinson #socbizchat Q3: Just because people aren't "involved" doesn't mean they don't see what happensRawn Shah
Q3 make it concrete, saying "be social" never lead to anything, build use cases, help implement, identify win points and show #socbizchatFemke Goedhart
Q3 If what you're doing works, you might discover that from sentiment analysis. If so, you do more... #socbizchatTony White
@FemkeGoedhart "Be social" is as good as "Be engaged" #socbizchatLars Trieloff
#socbizchat Q3: by focusing and building strategies around people, and using data to optimize the strategy based on their needs and wantsEric Rinebold
Q3 If not, you use the analysis to change what you're doing.Simple idea, tough to do it right.#socbizchatTony White
RT @ValaAfshar: Don't do social. Be S.O.C.I.A.L. - sincere, open, collaborative, interested, authentic and likeable. #mediachat #SocBizChatKimberlyEdwards
#socbizchat Q3: It has to become part of the company culture to think in long-term and participation, not info distribution/commsRawn Shah
#socbizchat Q3: You realize true success when long-term collab is part of your employee work ethic, as norm of ‘how we do things here’Rawn Shah
Q3 Isn't everyone feeling like it's ever tougher to engage with customers digitally, for a slew of reasons? #socbizchatTony White
Q3: There's no more inherent value in social than there is in herding sheep #socbizchat http://blogs.forrester.com/tim_walters/11-07-08-what_babe_the_pig_teaches_about_driving_enterprise_social_adoptiontim_walters
Q3:Time management - info overload is the greatest challenge!Said during the last days of Q2!#SocBizChatColleen Burns
Q3: One challenge I see is the perception (& occasional reality!) that it's impossible to keep up with all the social channels.#socbizchatJoyce Davis

When it comes to effectively managing social business expectation and initiatives, listening is your best tool and your secret weapon. Additionally, adopting a social business mindset takes more than just listening -- it requires a cultural shift as well.

Q4: What are the biggest tools or strategic challenges you see?

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Q4 #SocBizChat in-context engagement means customer selects the channel. the resulting explosion of channel #s is still a challengeLars Trieloff
Q4: It's a 3 legged stool: need to listen, provide a place for feedback and govern #socbizchatAnnie Weinberger
Q4: Only listening to the social channel will give you a partial view of your customer #socbizchatAnnie Weinberger
Q4 Changing the culture is the number one problem on internal adoption of social. #socbizchatKat Mandelstein
RT @jackvinson: #socbizchat someone just mentioned "continuous improvement!" Run simple, fast, experiments. learn, adjust, try again.Annie Weinberger
Q4: constantly coming up with fresh, new, engaging content that our clients customers care about & don't lose interest in. #socbizchatKristen Daukas
Q4 - Tools have never been a problem, they are an enabler, it's how we make use of the tools, therefore a culture issue #socbizchatLuis Suarez
Q4: biggest challenge remains education: the simple how and why of social #SocBizChatRob Howard
Q4 - And with culture it's all about changing mindsets, people's habits, reframe corporate culture into openness, transparency #socbizchatLuis Suarez
Q4: tool (technology) challenges also remain around truly integrating social #SocBizChatRob Howard
Q4: Need to include call center conversations, surveys, web analysis for complete picture #socbizchatAnnie Weinberger
Execution is key RT @curtisaconley: Q4: Same issues with any big culture change. Changing what we say, but not what we do #socbizchatLars Trieloff
Test, measure, iterate RT @erinebold: #socbizchat Q4: Culture. And leaders using personal opinions and exps to drive decisions #socbizchatLars Trieloff
Q4 - Another challenge ... thinking outside the Inbox ;-) Sorry, couldn't help it hehe#socbizchatLuis Suarez
#socbizchat Q4: biggest tools i) Industry spaces, events where social business orgs/folks can learn from each otherRawn Shah
Q4: Also have a "build it and they will come" mentality within individual groups. No thought put into continuing engagement. #socbizchatKate Dobbertin
#socbizchat Q4: tools ii) advocates and influencers from anywhere in the org actively supported/empowered/recognized by the org as leadersRawn Shah
Q4 perhaps the term 'social' in itself is a strategic challenge as it is associated with leisure, not work... Mindshift #socbizchatFemke Goedhart
Biggest challenge in #socbizchat is that first time something controversial arises. How does system respond?Jack Vinson
Q4: scaling initiatives is challenge -- need to anticipate how things will evolve & be prepared. To @rawn 's point about stamina #socbizchatMaria Ogneva
Social can't be looked at as a separate piece of the pie. It's how pies are now being made! #SocBizChatColleen Burns
Socially-enabled groupthink meets attention deficit RT @elsua: Q4 - Another challenge ... thinking outside the Inbox ;-)#socbizchatLars Trieloff
Q4: Always difficult unlearning bad habits. When moving to social, folks bring those along #socbizchatCurtis Conley
Q4: Changing an organization from a process before publish culture into a publish first process later culture. #socbizchatMichael Beckley
Q4 The biggest challenge is getting companies to embrace social biz. It's change, and we all know what that means to some orgs. #socbizchatKathleen Tinajero
Q4 Challenge 2: General publicity (brand awareness) vs. engagement (brand quality). #socbizchatTony White
Q4: Diving directly from infancy into maturity while there is still so many things to learn on socbiz befr wanting to intergate #socbizchatThierry de Baillon
Q4: HUGE challenge -- recognizing that behavior change takes time. Yep! #socbizchatMaria Ogneva
Q4 Challenge 3: How to generate useful metrics for social performance. #socbizchatTony White
Q4: Not all venues or tools for #SocBiz are 'owned' by the org: customer-driven activities & where/how they take place#SocBizChatJulie Hunt
Q4: To embrace the new social biz approach, people (even IT types) need to have their own "ah ha!" moment. #socbizchatJoyce Davis
Q4: for #SocBiz, integration / interoperability / consistency are huge, both inside & out #SocBizChatJulie Hunt
Q4: If a company culture isn't collaborative by nature, adding social isn't going to magically cure anything. #socbizchatKevin Carlson
Q4 businesses struggle to quantify the combination of adoption, connections, & quality of connections that define #social #socbizchatHyoun Park

Learning Opportunities

Speaking of culture, shifting organizational social business goals affects IT considerably. However, getting them on board is less about convincing them and more about actually doing it. The good news is that most seem to think that IT is on board with social business, as long as they can understand how it affects the bottom line.

Q5: Is IT embracing this new approach to business? How do you get them on board?

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Q5: The shift is to place less emphasis on IT and more emphasis on the business / customer experience #socbizchatRob Howard
Q5: Tools that help IT govern social media activity and cloud based options are making iteasier... #socbizchatAnnie Weinberger
Q5 - Help IT finally understand they have never been the gatekeeper, but the social bridge between biz & people #socbizchatLuis Suarez
#socbizchat Q5: users are already very connected outside the firewall, they will demand it inside the firewall as well.IT, adapt or dieMichael Keen
Q5: BYOD injects social into biz b/c people are on social media on their own.Easy bridge for employees to cross into SocBiz. #socbizchatbillycripe
Connecting the inner and outer social net with analytics will lead to new kind of insights; great times! - http://bit.ly/sosoan#socbizchatGünter Stöcker
Q5: IT certainly embraces the practices (wikis for devs). & in my exp welcome the tech as well. #socbizchattim_walters
Q5: Goal should be to create good governance of social that balances IT's concerns with desires of empowered employees. #socbizchatLarry Hawes
I think the answers to Q5 are dramatically more optimistic than if we'd asked 1 year ago! Do you agree?#socbizchatCMSWire.com
Q5: The new breed of CIO understands that focus needs to innovation from maintenance mode. Need to become more adaptable#socbizchatMaria Ogneva
Q5 Give IT new standards: safe, secure, interoperable. We are far from there. #socbizchatThierry de Baillon
@lehawes Q5 Social business does include some loss of control.Agree? #socbizchatTony White
Q5: I'm ex-IT & work w/IT folk often - getting out of operations into strategy is tough, but possible #build #business #bridges #socbizchatDan Keldsen
Q5: IT historically led with a solution, perhaps without diving into details of what the business challenges are. Change that. #socbizchatKevin Carlson
@cmswire Probably! But that's how we have matured on our overall experiences embarking on the socbiz journey, right? Expected #socbizchatLuis Suarez
IT's fears of loss of control are legit.Real IP loss, privacy regs etc are big challenges.e.g. EU cookies & noTrack rules #socbizchatbillycripe
Q5: S&MB IT often open to social but locked into existing environment and budget restrictions. #socbizchatFemke Goedhart
#socbizchatWho should be leading the #socbiz agenda in an organisation?Robert Heard
Q5: Yes, IT is mostly on-board with Work Social and BYOD movement. Nobody likes wasting their life upgrading Exchange mailboxes. #socbizchatMichael Beckley
RT @arslogica "Q5 Social business does include some loss of control.Agree?" Yes. Emergence is stifled by excessive control. #socbizchatLarry Hawes
@arslogica re: Q5 & loss of control. I was a paranoid security guy years ago - #control is an illusion, but that #fear paralyzes #socbizchatDan Keldsen
Q5 - The firewall eventually will cease to exist only on the context of protecting IC, Assets; the rest is out in the open #socbizchatLuis Suarez
#socbizchat Q5: The assumption mindset that doesn’t realize there are diff rules for a company for its own employees vs customersRawn Shah
@cmswire the industry is higher to the right on the adoption curve than we were a year ago :-) #socbizchatRob Howard
Q5 Explain that it's either onboard or overboard? #socbizchatTony White
Q5 ...as in off the boat.#socbizchatTony White
@lehawes We need more top-down and slight shift in old school viewpoing. We hv strong adoption, but not consistent. Huge org! #socbizchatKate Dobbertin
Q5 - Control has always been an illusion; always will be; social just accelerates its exposure in the open #socbizchatLuis Suarez
IT needs to realize the context has shifted.It's not a technology or plan.It's THE new ecosystem #socbizchatbillycripe
Q5: Companies don't produce their own electricity anymore. At some point, will they provide their own IT? Hum... #socbizchatCurtis Conley
A5: "build it they will come" doesn't work, IT needs to partner w/ users for solutions that ppl wanna use, are secure, can scale #socbizchatMaria Ogneva
Q5- IT's doesn't run on its own. Marching orders from exec level, BoDs. Hence need for top-down strategies for #SocBiz#SocBizChatJulie Hunt
Q5 IT's old role was to define the software & hardware used in the enterprise. IT's new role is to enable services. #SocBizChatHyoun Park

So using all that has been said -- with what metrics are we measuring our success? A good indication that social business is working is that it's actually shifting the goals of the enterprise. We're entertaining new KPIs and perspectives for how understand how things are working.

Q6: What do you consider success and how are you measuring it?

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Q6 #SocBizChat what you measure is what you get - profit & revenue are better & harder measures than adoption & engagementLars Trieloff
Q6: Revenue is the ultimate metric, but measuring something doesn't make it taller #socbizchatAnnie Weinberger
Q6: Simple: real business value tied to higher revenue, lower cost, faster reaction to biz opportunities #socbizchatRob Howard
Q6: Then again, success comes in many forms, but you'll only know if you are successful if you clearly define goals #socbizchatAnnie Weinberger
Q6: Engaged customers and employees. Measuring through listening, engagement metrics, influenced ROI on sales or productivity. #socbizchatKat Mandelstein
Q6: The pt is to put social to work, so success is *always* measured in business value. (Devil's Advocate symbol.) #socbizchattim_walters
Q6: Engagement, cultural change and overall integration of #socbiz within company structure as success. #socbizchat MeasureROESebastian Thielke
Q6: … great customer experience + happy customer = more sales #socbizchatRob Howard
#socbizchat success? People talking, learning (internally and externally!), trying new things.Jack Vinson
Q6: #socbiz success is one that helps you meet your business objective :) And that's how you'd measure it too. #socbizchatMaria Ogneva
Q6 Social business success is extremely difficult to quantify. Tons of variables. #socbizchatTony White
Q6: Are you listening across all channels? Can your customers find answers in the channels they want to interact in? #socbizchatAnnie Weinberger
Q6 Success?How do you measure success in an ecosystem? Stages. 1) showing up 2) sticking around 3) thriving.#socbizchatbillycripe
Q6: Social "success" is completely contextual. Definition and measures depend on objectives of individual organization. #socbizchatLarry Hawes
In the end it all boils down to sales, revenue+profit RT @robhoward: Q6: … great customer experience + happy customer=more sales #socbizchatLars Trieloff
Q6: #socbiz success = leveraging the community to improve a critical aspect of your biz: Sales, Innovation, etc. #socbizchatKevin Carlson
Q6: Work Social success begins with engagement and ends with ROI from business process innovation. Rinse. Lather. Repeat. #socbizchatMichael Beckley
@cmswire When's the last time someone asked about ROI on email? Will we ever get there for social? Do you think we should? #socbizchatKate Dobbertin
#socbizchat Q6: social=Shared value varies w/ context; same thing may not be useful in a diff context. What matters lies in people’s mindsRawn Shah
#socbizchat Q6: I would try to get qualitative data w/ the views, successes where people in different groups together found shared valueRawn Shah
#socbiz is finally giving us all an opportunity to break loose from the measurements' yoke & strike for sustainable growth #socbizchatLuis Suarez
@robhoward failure to address customer issues doesn't make problems disappear just the customers #socbizchatTimothy Koirtyohann
@arslogica connect social KPIs with business KPIs to learn what is worth keeping #socbizchatLars Trieloff
Q6 But social business success can still be very real -- just difficult to prove the connection between cause and effect. #socbizchatTony White
@arslogica agreed.lots of numbers give you big data but still need intelligence & agility to give it impact. #socbizchatbillycripe
Q6: Would you take 1 paying customer over 10,000 followers? #socbizchatAnnie Weinberger
#socbizchat Q6: The best means of capturing shared value is not raw numbers but attitude, opinion, and semantic analysis not just activityRawn Shah
Q6: any goals/metrics for #SocBiz must align with overall goals of org.#SocBiz 'success' may be complete alignment across org #SocBizChatJulie Hunt
Q6: Success is when all involved people find it successful. Each one has his own metrics; CFO, CTO, employees... #socbizchatThierry de Baillon
Q6: #socbiz success isn't about usage of tools - it's business impact. Organizational speed is underrated as a benefit IMHO. #socbizchatDan Keldsen
@cmswire Q6 If I can't quantify or estimate #socbiz success with a dollar figure, I'm not focusing on the right processes. #SocBizChatHyoun Park
@annerstweets If I can pay rent in followers and eyeballs, I'll take 1,000 followers :) Until then, cash money! #socbizchatMaria Ogneva
That would be short-sighted. Focus long term on both RT @annerstweets Q6 Would you take 1 paying customer over 10,000 followers? #socbizchatKat Mandelstein
@annerstweets 1 customer or 10K followers?If they're real followers, take them.Their amplification & social proof lead to $$ #socbizchatbillycripe
@robhoward I would! Any day! And I would go that extra mile for that happy customer; can't care less for followers :-O #socbizchatLuis Suarez
Q6, Social tools and process must move away from conversation only to getting things done #socbizchatBen Haines
#socbizchat Q6: Quantitative data is useful to identify the groups & communities, and the topics or projects of shared valueRawn Shah
customer or followers is the wrong question.#socbizchatbillycripe
#socbizchat Q6: real value is knowing that people find the collaboration useful, in quick activities, or long-term communities= qualitativeRawn Shah
RT Would you take 1 paying customer over 10,000 followers? ANS: Depends upon your known follower-to-customer conver ratio! #socbizchattim_walters
It's never that black and white.I want both. RT @annerstweets: Q6: Would you take 1 paying customer over 10,000 followers? #SocBizChatColleen Burns
Hearing the same thing from many: #socbiz is successful when people accept value and stop asking for success as figures #socbizchatKate Dobbertin
Q6success= improved int & ext collaboration, which in turn imrpoves ur bottom line & results in a more social, engaged workplace #socbizchatKathleen Tinajero
why presume that 10K followers are not customers, cannot influence customers and won't ever be customers?that's bad socbiz! #socbizchatbillycripe
Seriously, the day we stop w/ that obsession w/ numbers, followsers, likes, etc. whatever other cr*p, the much better off #socbizchatLuis Suarez
#socbizchat We speak of driving biz value which is what execs love to hear; but social doesn't add value until that shared value existsRawn Shah
If you think of any group in your organization as "the problem" for #socbiz - dig in to find out what the block is & remove it #socbizchatDan Keldsen
Social collaboration in the enterprise must be integrated into systems to help accelerate execution velocity. #socbizchatVala Afshar
Q6: Implementing #socbiz is an art. To quote Jobs, "Real Art Ships."If art doesn't deliver, it's wasted effort. #socbizchatKevin Carlson
The best follower is a prospect who becomes a customer. #socbizchatAccentureInteractive
Best customer is an advocate. RT @billycripe: RT @robhoward: best follower is a customer :-) #socbizchatChristian Walker
Another packed hour of #socbiz talk. I think we're closer to making it work! Thanks for joining us!#socbizchatCMSWire.com
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