Weekend Reads: Mobile Device e-Discovery + Providing Value through Marketing Channels
Another busy week has come to a close. As you gear up for your weekend, be sure to take a little time out to enjoy some of our features from this week. We kicked things off by talking SharePoint and its role in building an interactive onboarding experience. We also discussed mobile device e-discovery and which marketing channels provide the most value. So, sit back, relax and enjoy our weekend reads.

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SharePoint may have its flaws, but one thing we can't deny is its ability to get things done in a multitude of different ways -- including the ability to build an interactive onboarding experience, as Jennifer Mason explains in her latest article. 

As with all solutions in SharePoint, the things described here can be tweaked and changed to fit your specific needs. That is part of the beauty of SharePoint, there are a million ways to do things, so you just have to pick the path that is the best for you and your organization’s needs."

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This week's must-read contenders include:

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It's no secret that mobile devices are everywhere. From the fourth grade student playing games on his phone during class, to the 98-year-old great grandmother doing face time with her family. With all this mobility comes risk, a risk that is heightened when the device is your work phone. Caitlin Murphy dives into Mobile Device e-Discovery -- and dares to ask the question: Can your iPhone keep a secret?

Are e-Discovery software and service providers making tools that allow civil law practitioners to collect data from smartphones, i-devices and cell phones quickly and easily? What do they cost? And how do users review the data once it is collected? These tools do exist in the criminal law and especially law enforcement worlds, but do they apply to the corporate legal department or law firm?"

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The assumption amongst most marketers may be that success will come only if we drive value through every available channel. Reality check: it's impossible. So Which Marketing Channels Provide the Most Value? Tommy Landry explains in his latest.

The going assumption among many marketing folks is that we need to find some way to be omnipresent -- as in, we have to learn about every channel and drive value through each of them.

The reality is that we simply cannot be all things at once. We need to pick our battles carefully, measure results and commit ongoing support only where we can derive value."

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