Social Business, Weekend Reads: SharePoint's Mobile Features Falling Short + The Need for DAM
The long weekend is here! As you gear up for what's sure to be a busy weekend, why not take a minute and catch up on all our featured articles from this week? We kicked off our week with the seven ways SharePoint's new mobile features fall short. We also discussed why the reason for SharePoint's success could also be the reason for its failure and why we still need DAM. So sit back, relax and enjoy our weekend reads!

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There is no doubt that SharePoint 2013's new mobile features are a huge improvement on what was available in previous versions, but don't jump for joy just yet -- the latest features may be better than those that came before but there's still room for improvement. How are the current features falling short? Find out in Wendy Neal's 7 Ways that SharePoint 2013's New Mobile Features Fall Short.

SharePoint 2013's new mobile features are definitely a step up from the mobile features in previous versions. In fact, one could argue that mobile devices get better support than ever before, with better mobile browser support; new features such as device channels, push notifications and location services; and Office Web Apps integration. But there's still much room for improvement."

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October is Digital Asset Management month here at CMSWire and we asked our contributors to tell us whether or not DAM is still relevant in today's business world. Without pausing to think twice -- John Horodyski says yes and explains why in his latest article Digital Asset Management - We Need it More Than Ever.

The question for discussion is; do we still need DAM? With no uncertain hesitation, the answer is an obvious “yes.” There are many good reasons for its continued need and potential to solve problems within marketing and communications operations, production systems and other enterprise collaborative work systems."

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You can't blame SharePoint for trying to appeal to the largest possible audience, but in it's attempt to please everyone it may actually be having the opposite effect on its customers. Steven Pogrebivsky looks at this theory in his recent article SharePoint's Reason for Success Could Also Be Reason for Its Failure.

While most organizations at the very least use SharePoint for document management, once you move beyond DM the variety and abundance of use cases are staggering. That is the root cause for both the successes and failures of SharePoint implementations."

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