Weekend Reads: The Customer Centric Social Business + 3 Stages of Content Marketing

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Friday is here and it's time to relax. So put up your feet, and check out our featured contributions from this week. We have some must-read articles that center around our month-long focus on the future of the social enterprise. We also took a look at the three stages of content marketing and a four step methodology for defensible disposition. Enjoy!

Top Social Business Article

Gone are the days when we could control our business marketing through a website. Today's companies need to engage through all channels and socialize not only the way they work but how they interact with customers. John Newton (@johnnewton) takes a look at the value customers bring to the table in The Customer Centric Social Business is Going to Happen.

Companies who have started using technologies to socialize work and customer collaboration are already yielding benefits. Sales and marketing can be improved. Employees can get answers to questions that they thought were impossible to answer. Innovation is being driven not by the few, but the many, including customers.

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Top Customer Experience Article

Wondering how to get results with your content marketing plan? The answer lies in stages, 3 stages to be exact, and in The 3 Stages of Content Marketing to Make Your Results Take Off Carter Hostelley (@leadtail) describes each stage and what is needed to succeed. 

...if you don’t look at content marketing as a process with stages … then don’t be surprised if your results never take off. So what are the stages of content marketing? The good news is there are only three stages of content marketing to worry about. The bad news is that each is hugely important to getting it done right."

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Top Information Management Article

We may as well admit it, many of us are intimidated by defensible disposition. Luckily, Richard Medina (@richarddoculabs) has created A Four Step Methodology for Defensible Disposition to move past your fears.

Finally, as you go through your first disposition cycle, you’ll probably want to refine your Defensible Disposition Policy -- as you've now got a much more realistic picture regarding the real cost impacts of every action you take, and more generally what actions are reasonable."

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Enjoy your digital reads for the weekend!