Weekend Reads: The Psychology of Leadership + Becoming Customer-CentricWhether you are enjoying a crisp Saturday morning in the park or still wrapped up in your blankets, what better way to kick off your weekend then taking some time to enjoy our featured articles from this week? Our social business space heated up as we discussed nature versus nurture and whether or not great leaders are made or born that way. We also took a look at the myths preventing businesses from being customer centric, and we took a look at breaking through the content management cloud cover. Sit back, relax and enjoy our weekend reads!

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Nature versus Nurture -- where do you weigh in when it comes to great leaders -- are they simply born that way? Or do their many experiences shape them into that person that others aspire to be? Tom Lowery weighs in with Are Great Leaders Made or Born?

Ask experts what the most asked question about leadership is, and they’ll usually answer 'are they made or born?' There are dozens of books, decade’s worth of debates and many well-documented studies on the subject of leadership. Nevertheless, the debate rages on."

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We all know that businesses need customers to stay afloat, let alone actually succeed. So why aren't mote companies focusing on their customers? Christine Crandell believes the problem lies in three myths that she is out to debunk in her latest article Three Big Myths That Keep You From Being Customer-Centric.

If the customer is the lynchpin of survival, why aren't more companies doing something about it? In my company's work with B2B Fortune 1,000 executives, we keep running into three myths that have executives taking the foot off the gas pedal when it comes to customer experience. These cause management teams to hesitate and put a big dose of 'scary' into the whole discussion. Let’s debunk each of the myths."

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Whether you are concerned about security, confused over the surprisingly large number of ECM Cloud Apps or thinking of all the other obstacles standing in your way, it's time to get over it because the Cloud is here to stay. So, how can you begin this change? John Mancini's Breaking Through the Content Management Cloud Cover is a great place to start.

Cloud technology is here to stay, but adoption in ECM companies is on a selective basis. It’s important that companies identify their greatest needs and move forward with an understanding of the benefits and risks of adopting cloud technology."

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