With less than a month until we celebrate a new year, we can't help but look ahead with some curiosity about what 2013 will mean for mobile, social business and the enterprise overall. We looked into our crystal ball and consulted some well known sources for some insight into what we could experience going forward. And then we represented it visually!

How's that 3-Year Plan Coming?

2013 should bring much of what we've spent the last three years preparing for. In 2010, we were promised that in three years we'd employ better technology, better integration and better governance strategies. Now that 2013 is upon us, how prepared do we feel? How many of us will be pushing back our three-year plan a few years?

If predictions from technology experts are any indication, 2013 will continue to bring more mobile. Along with it, the enterprise will accommodate, with a majority of companies adopting best practices for deploying mobile apps and access across mobile devices.

Additionally, big data seems to finally motivate us to do more than just talk about data. Not only will it bring more jobs, it will force companies to tie multiple systems together in an effort to leverage all that information smarter, faster, better.


If 2012 was about social this and social that, big data, and BYOD, the buzzword of 2013 will be Internet of Things. Though it may have been tossed around a bit this year, all predictions were confident of its presence. With more things on the internet, be it a tumblr meme or an instagram photo, the more connections they will bring with it. More connections means more opportunities for experiences to convert these connections into revenue.

Speaking on customer experience, omni-channel marketing strategies advance the multi-channel experience by making the consumer experience more seamless across all channels and platforms.

Finally, the prosumer comes into his own. Much of the technology innovations of the past decade have made it possible for mere mortals to create, publish and market themselves easily and under-budget. Now it's creeping into the enterprise, making it possible for simple marketers to do what used to take an entire team of agency professionals.

This is obviously just a snapshot of what is to come. And with each of these forecasted trends comes the challenge of staying ahead of the curve and having the foresight to plan proactively.

As we eagerly await its arrival, it's important to understand that we're not just innocent bystanders, but that we helped to create the road ahead. By being active participants, we will definitely have more control over what 2013 brings us.