Zoho Launches Pulse Social Business Network
Zoho the creator of productivity, collaboration and business applications has launched a new social network: Zoho Pulse, which is designed to improve collaboration and communication throughout an organization.

A Collaborative Social Network

Communication and collaboration are essential parts of any business. As the workplace becomes more digital there have been a variety of solutions created for the remote employee to stay in touch and continue working -- even if they are away from the office. These tools include IM, web and video conferencing, wikis and discussion forms and although useful, most of them are singular tools from different developers.

This is why networks, like Yammer and now Zoho Pulse are launched; they aim to create a collaborative, social environment that brings together related tools so that employees have the chance to work with colleagues in a single, integrated digital platform.

Features of Zoho Pulse are much like those of more traditional social networks such as Facebook. Users have access to an activity and notification stream, colleague directory, groups, private messaging and a search function.

The activity stream shows real-time posts and updates from employees and the notification tool is a summary of recent activity, while the groups featureenable users to collaborate in a closed, private setting. Users are able to use group-centric apps, have discussions in forums and work with the Zoho Docs tool. As for the search, users can find a person, group or activity stream based on a keyword which can be a username, department or location.

Zoho Pulse

Learning Opportunities

An App-Centered Platform

While the Zoho Pulse social network has features users have come to expect for collaboration, productivity and communicationsolutions, one of the more unique additions to Zoho Pulse is its app features.Zoho Pulse users will be able to integrate the platform with other Zoho applications, such as Calendar, Docs, Wiki and Chat, as well as having the ability to create their own application for the entire company or a specific group with Zoho Creator.

Examples of apps that have been created by users with Zoho creator include an education and database app.

Along with a desktop version of the social network there are also mobile versions for the iPhone and Android device.

Zoho in the News

Zoho has had a busy few months of product updates. A few weeks ago, the company updated Docs to include file sharing and collaboration capabilities, while earlier in the year it added an email filter, document library and a mobile awarenessfeature to its CRM tool.