Adobe Gets Around: Brings Flash Apps to Social Web
Adobe (news, site) moves fast. You may recall that the company recently acquired analytics provider Omniture, to the surprise of many a tech nerd.

The coupling of Adobe’s creative brand and analytics—which admittedly seemed odd at first—is already being reflected in its solutions. First off the conveyor belt is the brand new Adobe Flash Platform Services for Distribution. The platform gives Flash app developers more insight into how their apps are being used, and enables advertisers and content publishers alike to promote, measure and monetize their tools across the Web.

Distribution, Collaboration, Social

There are three primary components of Adobe Flash Platform Services for Distribution. Check ‘em out:


Flash Platform Services enables developers to deploy applications over what will eventually be somewhere around 70 social networks and services. This component is reportedly being made available later this year and will initially support connections to popular platforms like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and Yahoo.


The platform allows developers to add real-time social capabilities like file sharing, chat, VoIP audio and Webcam conferencing to their applications.


In addition to social networks, developers can send their Flash applications to mobile devices. Publishers can even send text messages with links that will automatically deliver an application to Windows Mobile, Symbian S60, and iPhones.

Adobe Gets Around

The release of the new platform is Adobe’s way of acknowledging how difficult it generally is to get users to download applications--regardless of how many of them are fans of Adobe’s infamous suites. Along for the ride is social media management platform Gigya, who Adobe recently partnered with in hopes that their foot in the social Web door will assist with the new endeavors.

On the analytics side of things, the new service also aims to give Flash application metrics some limelight action by featuring traditional analytics alongside social media analytics.

"We provide a rich set of analytics that helps both publisher and advertiser determine how successful they have been," explained Adrian Ludwig, group manager of Flash platform product marketing at Adobe.

David Wadhwani, general manager and vice president, Adobe Platform Business Unit, added: “Our customers rely on the Adobe Flash Platform to make rich and compelling applications that work across operating systems and screens. The new services from Adobe allow Flash Platform developers, advertisers, game makers and other content publishers to connect with an even larger audience more effectively, and grow revenue opportunities."

Developers can get their full fix regarding this new release by heading on over here.