Facebook's Open Web Presence is Closed to Twitter
While Facebook is arguably the heaviest hitter for all things open in the webverse, they're not so keen on being open to Twitter. On Wednesday, the social platform disallowed Twitter's Facebook app updates just minutes after they were announced. 

Here's what happened: Twitter attempted to dress their Facebook application with the ability to allow users to see which of their friends use both services. Unfortunately, communication was interrupted just a few minutes later: 


There's been some speculation around the 'net about whether or not this was a mistake on Facebook's part, but a recent update from Twitter states the following: 

“Facebook has notified us that they have blocked the update to our application, and we are working on a resolution with them.”

Sounds to us like it was intentional. 

Interestingly, Facebook filed a lawsuit against Power.com for a similar reason. The online service works to aggregate various social networking activity and then reuses/reformats the data within its own framework. It sounds harmless, but apparently to Facebook it's both a violation of copyright law and a violation of computer hacking laws. 

No Need to Panic...Yet

While there hasn't been any mention of Facebook suing Twitter, it's interesting to consider the reasons for disallowing them to share such networking information. True, the platform has been through the wringer for recent privacy issues, but founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been all around the world this month promoting open Web. 

"We're helping to push the trend of making the world more open and connected," he said at this year's International Advertising Festival in Cannes. "The idea is that stuff is better when its built around people you care about and the things you like. I think one day we'll look back and wonder why the Web wasnt like this all along."

This has been Zuckerberg's stance for a long time now, but the sitch with Twitter makes us wonder if he means open in general, or open through Facebook only.