Voice over IP is an ever-growing feature for phones, and is now a lot easier to implement thanks to Global IP Solutions (news, site).

Talk Is Cheap

VoiceEngine Mobile is GIPS' latest product to expand its range of IP solutions. VoiceEngine Mobile enables other developers to create customized Voice over IP (VoIP) clients for Android phones.

Not only will users get the joys of cheap or free calls over VoIP, but also HD voice at a quality that should work around all the potential issues of signal strength, bandwidth, packet loss and environmental factors.

The first product out of the gates to utilize VoiceEngine Mobile comes from NimBuzz which already offers a VoIP, messaging and social network solution for a wide number of phone systems, regardless of network and its underlying technology.


Nimbuzz adds VoIP from GIPS to add to its social package.

Behind the Network

In the rush to Unified Communications and fixed/mobile convergence (FMC) for enterprise, as well as the groundswell of personal users aiming to do everything on one device, GIP's system is well placed to feature heavily. Few will want to reinvent the wheel when a pre-built solution is available. The likes of fg microtec have also acquired VoiceEngine mobile for its FMC client.

VoiceEngine is a suite of GIPs products with the Mobile version adding echo cancellation among its other features. With over 800 million desktop products deployed, it now has the 3 billion-strong mobile market to aim for. The company also offers VideoEngine, which we have covered in the past.

nimbuzz_android_ messaging.jpg

The rush for everything on one device continues.

As Android looks to become a major force in the mobile market with the likes of the Droid phone and Google's upcoming super-phone, expect lots more companies to make use of GIPS system and its flexible, high-level API to come up with more great ways for everyone to communicate. Pricing for GIPS' products is available on request.