Google is so quick to fire out similar solutions after a rival has, we’re beginning to wonder if this is some sort of game they just play for fun. Maybe they have a stockpile of them somewhere, labeled and ready to go? Who knows. What we do know is that less than a day after Facebook announced their linkup with Facebook Connect and Yahoo, Google busted out with a trendy integration of its own.

If you use Google’s Friend Connect site, you now have the option to log in with your Google or Twitter credentials. This means you can login to any of the nine million sites that utilize Friend Connect and, if you have a Twitter account, can tweet new memberships with friends, interesting content etc., with just a click. See here:



Facebook has made a name for itself, and has managed to touch almost every corner of the Web with the Facebook Connect feature. That level of success mixed with a company as large as Yahoo is certainly a recipe for a favorable outcome, but Google and Twitter are giant giants as well. What we're seeing is a war for the Web, no doubt, but whose pool of power will reign supreme? It's hard to say. 

Right now, the numbers tell us that the Facebook/Yahoo duo has the advantage, thanks to the social platform's massive amount of users (somewhere around 350 million). But then again, Twitter's simple mission took the Internet by storm, and is now so ubiquitous that it's odd to think there are people and companies out there that haven't signed up. 

In any event, the battle for the throne will be an interesting one to watch