Social media has become a component of marketing and customer engagement for many organizations. However, many are not managing their social network use as consistently as other forms of enterprise content. London-based Ixxus (news, site) has a solution.

Social Content Is Enterprise Content

Ixxus announced the release of its Social Content Platform for users of the popular open source Alfresco (news, site) Enterprise Enterprise Content Management  (ECM) system. The module allows users to create an Alfresco-based central repository to manage their traditional and social media content from one tool. The Ixxus module integrates with most major social media services such as LinkedIn, Twitter and, of course, Facebook out of the box.

Social media is still such a new marketing tool that many companies are using multiple tools and inconsistent processes to interact with social networks. Now, instead of manually posting information to multiple social networks, users of Ixxus’ Social Content Platform module will be able to apply ECM process to their social media management, making the process faster, auditable and more controlled. Organizations that have invested in implementing ECM processes supported by Alfresco might at least evaluate the new module.

Other Features

The Ixxus Social Content Platform doesn’t just allow organizations to publish content. It also allows companies to consume comments from social media sites so that they can monitor what is being said about their brand. It also allows companies to schedule posts, providing better control of exactly when content becomes available on social networks. The platform provides a number of other notable features:

  • Reporting -- Several out-of-the-box reports allow companies to monitor the effectiveness of their social marketing strategies. It also integrates with tools like Google Analytics.
  • CMS Integration -- Organizations can search and retrieve other enterprise content and use it in their responses to news and comments on social networks.
  • Audit Record of Published Content -- A history of all social media interactions is stored in a central tool. It also allows companies to roll back the comments.
  • Business Process Management -- This allows organizations to define an approval workflow to ensure messaging is consistent with marketing strategy.

Given the growth in open source adoption and social media, it’s certain that additional companies will soon offer similar modules for Alfresco. However, Ixxus will always be able to say, “We were first." That’s worth something, right? The new module is available now and more details are available.

How is your company managing social content? What tools are you using to support it? We would love to hear from you.