LinkedIn Testing Social Recommendation-Based Ad Formats
Business social site LinkedIn (news, site) reckons it can make more money with targeted advertising based on whom you follow, but will users follow the plot?

Followers, Leaders

LinkedIn's blog has been updated with news of an advertising format based on whom you follow and what you are discussing. The idea is that, by picking up the keywords in that social media conversation, LinkedIn can provide a suitable advert, be it a technology solution, useful service, job offer or similar.

Already a small number of LinkedIn users are seeing the adverts, with a wider rollout coming soon, presumably based on response rates and feedback. We've been promised more pertinent adverts from many sources over the years, but with its professional bent, perhaps LinkedIn can deliver the goods.

Looking for Hard Numbers

Now that LinkedIn is a public company, it needs to find new ways to generate revenue and these adverts could be the start of a slick program to make use of the millions of business conversations that go on around the service.

Will better ads make a better service?

Will better ads make a better service?

The example above highlights how relevant jobs could be advertised to you, along with links of people who could help you get it. While all of us would like the most direct route to that next career move, you have to wonder just how close a fit these adverts can be.

LinkedIn states that advertisers will never get hold of your data or details through these adverts, but it will be interesting to see if they match the granularity and detail that most of us put into our social profiles and business conversations.