nGenera (news, site) is helping enterprises listen, and deal with customers by matching their expectations of how modern businesses should communicate.

New Communication Channels

The majority of customers are capable of tweeting, posting messages on forums, texting, using social sites and other methods of communication. Is your business capable of receiving messages from those social media

CIM 9.0 is all about extending the ears of the enterprise to listen to its customers in ways that we want to talk to them. Customers don't want to wait 20 minutes on hold, only to talk to a computer voice, even the words "call our customer support line" can make people give up on the spot.

Responding to The Customer's Needs

As a result of better listening, customers are likely to be more loyal, perhaps spend more with that company. So, CIM 9.0 aims to make the contact management center better at getting the message and better at responding to the needs of the customer.

Going even further, companies can set up a wiki and encourage users to feedback into it, creating a knowledge base of problems, tips and solutions that other users and the company itself can benefit from.


Find what your customers are saying, and be able to respond

It does this by adding Community and Social modules to the core Knowledgebase product and integrating into a company's existing CRM product. Available as an on-demand or on-premises service, it should fit nicely into most corporate systems.

React the Right Way

Once up and running, a company's contact centres can listen, and respond to messages as they appear on the likes of Twitter, Facebook or YouTube. nGen Social Media identifies chatter that relates to your business and prioritizes incidents (for example, a real, actionable complaint over someone just mouthing off) using sentiment technology.

When informed, one of the contact center staff can join in the conversation directly and help steer it to a successful conclusion that will look good in public or help the user find other ways to solve their problem.

With a claimed 250% increase in customers for companies -- including the likes of Microsoft, Epson and eBay using its software -- nGenera is doing the right things, and this technology should only help propel it further in the right direction. Pricing details and a demo are available on request.