Social media moves so fast, it's hard to keep up. Here are the week's top stories in scan-friendly format:

  • AP Stylebook Releases Social Media Guidelines
  • Measuring Success In Social Media Programs
  • Don't Swear On Twitter, SwearJarr is Watching
  • How To Effectively Job Hunt With LinkedIn

AP Stylebook Releases Social Media Guidelines

Just when you thought grammar and proper style were nonexistent on the 'social Internet', the Associated Press has updated their AP Styleguide to give us some guidance on how to properly reference certain terms and acronyms with regards to using social media.

The press release starts out by recognizing the importance of social media and the emphasis on this world in the 2010 AP Stylebook. The new guide gives policies and information on using tools such as Facebook and Twitter, and guides journalist on utilizing these utilities in their writing.

Another example of a new style, it's now "website" and no longer "Web site". And for the writers out there, "Web" is still acceptable formatting when abbreviating World Wide Web. Whew!

Measuring Success In Social Media Programs

If you're at a company that has decided to experiment in social media marketing, how do you measure the success of your outreach effort? Is it the number of Facebook fans your collected or the amount of Twitter followers you gained? Or rather, can you trace back sales to a specific event or campaign?

Aliza Sherman over at Web Worker Daily explores the measurement methods with regards to social marketing. She says that not only is it important to gauge how many eyeballs you attract, but also ask: what was the quality of the engagement. Did you gain an enthusiastic fan who will be a brand ambassador on an ongoing basis?
The author also encourages campaigns to cause "transformations". That is, if someone expresses a bad opinion or impression and you effectively meet his or her needs, you've likely transformed them into a happy customer/client. This is a huge win for a company or brand.

How do you measure success in your outreach efforts?

Don't Swear On Twitter, SwearJarr is Watching

Did you ever have to put money in a tin as a child if you said a swear word? A new Twitter web application is trying to replicate this model in an effort to give money to charity and clean up Twitter at the same time. SwearJarr works lie this: put in your username and SwearJarr will analyze your tweets and generate an amount owed based on the foul-mouthed nature of your tweets.

The web app sets a specific amount for each swear word, whereby the more serious words are worth more than the light swears. Then, you can specify a charity of your choosing and donate through SwearJarr.

According to SwearJarr, there are almost half a million swear words that are tweeted every day. So, it's possible that a large amount of money could be donated if a big group hops on SwearJarr to police their tweet stream.

How To Effectively Job Hunt With LinkedIn

Today's job market is tough. It's possible to lose out on positions merely because someone with equal (or sometimes lesser) skills is more effective at marketing themselves and showing potential employers what they have to offer. LinkedIn is a great job-finding tool, but how is someone unfamiliar with the social networking site supposed to know how to effectively find a position?

A recent article at Mashable offers some great tips. The main message to job hunters is to utilize LinkedIn to it's full extent. The pointers include fully filling out your profile, connecting with everyone possible that you know (even from old jobs) to maximize the reach of your LinkedIn network, and give recommendations to old managers and co-workers.

One important tip is to add a compelling headline into your profile and to keep your message as concise as possible. Due to limited attention spans and resource strapped HR departments, it's important to say as much about yourself in the most effective way without being too wordy.

Has LinkedIn brought you into a new job that you wouldn't have otherwise seen? What worked for you? Leave a comment below.