Social media moves so fast, it's hard to keep up. Here are the week's top stories in scan-friendly format:

  • Facebook Has 65 Million Mobile Users
  • WordPress Embraces the Real Time Web With RSSCloud   
  • Crossing Signals: What To Do When Your Boss Wants To Friend You On Facebook
  • SocialText Launches Clients


Facebook Has 65 Million Mobile Users

Hot on the heals of releasing a new version of its iPhone application, Facebook has revealed new numbers on the mobile usage of the popular social networking service. According to Facebook, almost a quarter of the service's users access it via a mobile device. This means that 65 million users access Facebook via the mobile web which is an astounding number.

With native applications for the Blackberry and iPhone mobile platforms and a strong mobile website, Facebook has been paving the way to be a force in social networking on mobile. Where are the most active mobile Facebook users? According to the company the U.S., U.K, Canada and Indonesia have high rates of mobile use.

As Venturebeat points out, these mobile users could be a great feeding ground for advertisers who are looking to embrace a mobile audience. Facebook has loads of statistics and profile data on its users and reaching them whilst on-the-go could be lucrative to location-based advertisements.

WordPress Embraces the Real Time Web With RSSCloud

There is one annoying facet to web publishing that bugs some bloggers and web writers. That is, the lag time between the point in time a publisher pushed his/her content out on the web and when the unread item lands in RSS readers inboxes. For those of us who are on Twitter and similar services, we are used to the instant notification associated with these "real-time" web services.

To help ease the lag time associated with web publishing and RSS, users can now utilize a service called RSSCloud. 

RSSCloud makes it possible for supported RSS Readers to get instant notification of an update of a blog post. Why should we care about this?  Blog posts and comments can now be real-time, much like Twitter. Therefore, if there's breaking news or fast moving content, we can utilize RSSCloud to help speed the conversation in a way real-time web users are now used to.

Crossing Signals: What To Do When Your Boss Wants To Friend You On Facebook

Web strategist Jeremiah Owyang has a recent post about a topic that is probably close to home for many CMSWire readers. That is -- what to do if your boss asks to be your 'Friend' on Facebook. This posed a quandary because many folks use Facebook as a personal diary and there are some details you don't want your boss to see. However, should you ever part ways with your current employer, Facebook might be a good way to stay connected to your boss should you ever need a reference going forward.

Owyang's advice: accept your boss as a 'friend' and utilize Facebook's built-in groups and content filtering to customize the message he/she sees while browsing your profile page. This way, you avoid offending your boss and can maintain your own personal profile on the Facebook service.

What is your opinion? Is it acceptable to mix your out of office social context with people (including your supervisor) in your office? This should make for very interesting conversation in the comments!

SocialText Launches Clients

SocialText, the one-time enterprise Wiki company, has released a bevy of new products that extend the reach of their enterprise messaging platform. Activity streams are popular items in the Web 2.0 world and allow you to keep up on your friends and family members' daily lives.

Now, SocialText is taking activity streams into the business in a new way with the release of a new Adobe AIR application that allows you to see your favorite co-workers activity streams.  Also, you can set filters to see the latest events in your workspaces and work teams.

As it was once just a wiki platform, SocialText has grown to feature corporate blogging, micro-blogging, spreadsheets, personal profiles and activity streams.

To go along with new AIR application, SocialText has released a new web application that features much of the same functionality. The SocialText mobile website is not a web app for the iPhone or Blackberry, rather a mobile-optimized website that is usable on any mobile phone with a standard browser. The mobile SocialText website is in Beta, so expect to see bugs. To see the mobile site, just visit your SocialText site from your mobile smartphone.