Social Media Minute: LinkedIn Opens To Developers, Twitter Gets a Revenue Model

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Social media moves so fast, it's hard to keep up. Here are the week's top stories in scan-friendly format:

  • Twitter Goes Corporate To Generate Revenue
  • LinkedIn Opens Up To Developers
  • XBox Users Love Their Social Media
  • Brizzly Opens To All Users

Twitter Goes Corporate To Generate Revenue

Last week, Twitter announced a move that will finally answer questions as to how the company plans to generate revenue. In the near future, Twitter will offer corporate and brand account managers a paid option that will grant access to analytics.

Founder Biz Stone said the company is not looking at text and display ads on Twitter's homepage and confirmed that the company does not plan on making money this way.

In another move Twitter users may notice, the prompting question of Twitter has been changed from "What are you doing?" to "What's happening" to more accurately reflect the types of tweets sent out by Twitter users.

It is a good move to see Twitter seeking revenue models. With the popularity of the service, millions of users are now utilizing it to keep in touch with friends and colleagues. Unless the company starts generating revenue, it risks losing out on VC funding going forward and potentially shutting down.

LinkedIn Opens Up To Developers

LinkedIn, the extremely popular social networking site for business-types, has opened up for application developers to build apps within LinkedIn. Applications have existed before, but only from a few selected companies. LinkedIn's latest move gives more developers access to the companies 50 million users.

LinkedIn has long been a medium for storing resumes and keeping in contact with past co-workers and the company is now looking to become more of a part of its users day-to-day lives. New applications will definitely help with this effort.

Out of the gate, desktop Twitter client TweetDeck has integrated with LinkedIn, allowing users to view or take action with your LinkedIn friends' activities. Other existing applications include TripIt, a site that allows you to collect and share your travel details.

What type of LinkedIn apps would you like to see?

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XBox Users Love Their Social Media

Microsoft recently turned on social features on the XBox 360 platform. Now, XBox Live users can access Facebook, Twitter and Last.fm on their popular gaming console. As Microsoft looks for new ways to popularize their console that has been out for a few years, software and Internet services seem to be taking off.

In the first week users have had access to these social networking sites, 2 million Xbox Live users have accessed Facebook. This is remarkable considering there are 20 million Xbox Live users in total, and 1 out of 10 have accessed Facebook just in the first week the new service has been available.

The Microsoft official didn't have any usage numbers for Twitter or Last.fm, but the Facebook numbers are impressive so far.

Brizzly Opens To All Users

Brizzly is a popular web-based Twitter client that adds fantastic functionality to the Twitter user experience. Up until this point, Brizzly has been available only to select beta testers. In fact, the company reports it's still 'in Beta', which basically means there still are experimental parts of the service. 

Brizzly has great features including being able to view pictures directly in your Twitter stream, threaded Direct Messages and built-in picture uploading. Also, Brizzly supports Twitter lists, one of the newest Twitter features rolled out recently.

Brizzly offers many features only found in desktop Twitter clients such as Seesmic Desktop, TweetDeck or Twhirl.  However, Brizzly is available directly in your browser, without any software to install.  To access Brizzly, just type in Brizzly.com in your browser window and enter in your Twitter details to start tweeting!