Social media moves so fast, it's hard to keep up. Here are the week's top stories in scan-friendly format:

  • Twitter Surpasses 200 Million Tweets Per Day
  • Google to Retire Blogger and Picasa Brands
  • Social Network Spam On The Rise
  • First Presidential Twitter Town Hall Today

Twitter Surpasses 200 Million Tweets Per Day

Twitter,a growing and popular social network, recently passed a milestone.Every day, the user population of Twitter is using the service to passalong more than 200 million tweets per day. This is a huge uptick overone year ago, where Twitter was fielding 65 million tweets per day,which makes for a 200% growth rate. So, what's the reason for all thisincreased activity?

There's no doubt the user population of Twitter has grown, but are all the new tweets coming from actual users? Not so, says Techcrunch,as the publication notes that many tweets are sent out by publishersthat are spamming users on Twitter. The real question should be: how manytweets are entered by humans organically and how many are generatedprogramatically?

For me, I use Twitter to tweet out blog posts, so in essence, these are spawned by human action. Also, I like seeing automated tweets from news sources such as CNN and NPR. However, I don't like spam. What's your take? Does the 200 million tweet number impress you?

Google to Retire Blogger, Picasa Brands

In a big push behind the new Google Plus Service, the search giant is expected to rebrand two products that have been in the company's portfolio for quite some time. Blogger and Picasa will shed their old names and get rolled into Google Plus, the company's new social service that was unveiled last week.

The two products, both acquisitions from other companies, will remain intact. This form of rebranding is not new to Google. Other examples include GrandCentral getting the name Google Voice and JotSpot becoming Google Sites, among others. According to Mashable, the new names for Blogger and Picasa will be "Google Blogs" and "Google Photos," respectively.

Google Plus seems to be a huge new push from the search giant, based in the Bay Area. The new product emerged last week as a competitor to Facebook that involves text and photo updates and a popular new video chat service called Hangouts. Will Picasa and Blogger fall in Plus' rise?  Only time will tell.

Social Network Spam On The Rise

Your favorite social network is becoming a phishing ground. That is, rates of spam and phishing are on the rise, according to a report released by security company Symantec. Using social engineering-based attacks, malware creators are moving from one social network to the next, using the same tactics between networks.

Learning Opportunities

Of all social networks, Facebook has the most spam, gathering 40% of all attacks. Twitter is a close second at 37% and then YouTube comes in third at 23%. Spam covers many topics, but they mostly center around pharmaceutical drugs, gambling and adult/sex/dating. The hooks are many and often try to prompt an action by soliciting a user with an unread messages or the fact that their Twitter DM box is "full."

In what social network have you seen the most spam? Personally, I've seen a rise in Facebook spam, especially with "sexy" videos and similar messages making victims of Facebook users.

First Presidential Twitter Town Hall Today

Today at 11:00 AM Pacific (2:00 PM Eastern time) here in the United States, President Barack Obama will take part in the first live town hall using Twitter. The president will answer questions about the economy, jobs or any other subject that is chosen by moderator, Twitter's founder Jack Dorsey. The White House announced the town hall last week in an effort to embrace Twitter users in a new way.

To take part in the event, leave a question at or by using the hashtag #AskObama. Then, you can follow the @townhall account to see updates as they are posted.

Twitter is growing as a conversation medium that politicians are embracing to converse with the general public. More often, public figures are using the service to connect with constituents, make public announcements and share important news and events. If you happen to catch the event, please let us know how it went in the comments below.