Social media moves so fast, it's hard to keep up. Here are the week's top stories in scan-friendly format:

  • LinkedIn Adds To Twitter Functionality
  • Social Network Use Set to Explode
  • Use Twitalizer To Measure Your Influence on Twitter
  • TweetDeck Updates With Google Buzz and Foursquare Integration

LinkedIn Adds To Twitter Functionality

LinkedIn recently offered the ability to push status updates into Twitter, bringing a new level of integration between the business social network and Twitter. However, this week, LinkedIn is increasing the integation by allowing users to track and follow their Twitter connections inside LinkedIn.

With a new "Tweets" app inside LinkedIn, users can see your Twitter timeline, add LinkedIn friends who happen to also be on Twitter, and suggest other LinkedIn connections that you can make. This adds to the ability to tweet from inside LinkedIn. Tweets also supports Twitter lists and enable you to create lists of your LinkedIn contacts.

As Mashable points out, Twitter has a strong user base, but growth seems to have leveled off recently. By building on top of Twitter, LinkedIn has added to the appeal of the micro-blogging site and leveraged it for LinkedIn's use.

Social Network Use Set to Explode

It may seem that *everyone* who has Internet access is on a social network, but this simply isn't the case. Right now, about 58% of Internet users access social networks once a month.

However, according to research firm EMarketer, in 4 short years this number will jump to two-thirds. Emarketer goes on to say that social networking has so far been driven by teens and young adults but in the near future, most new adopters of social networking will be 35+ and mainly female.

As baby boomers, a population that is largely computer literate due to work experience, age and enter retirement, they are using social networks to re-discover and connect with old friends. Also, grandparents are hoping on Facebook to keep up with their grand kids and exchange messages in the 'new' way.

Have you seen an uptick in social networking use in your social circle? Does it follow the pattern of 35+ aged users signing on?

Use Twitalizer To Measure Influence on Twitter

Many folks use Twitter and gain value from the relationships they build. But what about organizations or brands who wish to effectively measure the reach and pull of a Twitter campaign? Twitalizer can provide clear metrics on how your tweets are engaging and building clout on Twitter.

Twitalizer builds these numbers by using for link tracking (tracking how many times Twitter users click your links shared on Twitter). Also, the service uses numbers of followers, retweet levels and the number of replies to your brand's Twitter account. Twitalizer will show that people who share informative links and information have higher scores because their tweets are re-broadcast and reference on a regular basis.

To get started with Twitalizer, go to their home page and check out the five minute starter video for a quick run through of how to read and interpret the results. Twitalizer might reveal some good information on how you or your organization can more effectively user Twitter as a conversational tool.

TweetDeck Updates With Google Buzz and Foursquare Integration   

The new 'browser wars' might be amongst the Twitter clients. The leading desktop clients include Seesmic Desktop, Tweetdeck and a few others. This week, TweetDeck updated their client to version 0.34. The new rev still runs on Adobe AIR and integrates two popualar social networks, Google Buzz and Foursquare.

With the new Foursquare integration, TweetDeck users can view updates, view venue info and check in to venues. Google Buzz will also get a boost from the TweetDeck tie-in, as users can now see Buzzes from other users and issue their own.

Other small features include the ability to schedule updates, use a custom URL shortener and upload video using TwitVid for rapid video recording. Also, a big feature is the ability to use Filters across columns. So, for example if you want to include any message that includes "Justin Bieber", you can do so. This is also perfect for folks who want to exclude tweets during events such as South by Southwest.