Social media moves so fast, it's hard to keep up. Here are the week's top stories in scan-friendly format:

  • Twitter's Numbers Indicate Huge Mobile Growth
  • Might Apple's Ping Take Out MySpace?
  • Is Social Networking Hindering Your Job Search?
  • Small Brands Increasingly Turning to Social Media

Twitter's Numbers Indicate Huge Mobile Growth

Twitter is a service that gets an amazing amount of press as one of the major players in the social media universe. The messaging platform is growing at an alarming rate, as recent numbers indicate. According to CEO Ev Williams, Twitter now has 145 million registered users. Also, the development ecosystem is alive and well, with about 300,000 registered apps utilizing the service on a regular basis.

In addition to these numbers, Twitter has stated that mobile use of Twitter has skyrocketed. In recent months, Twitter has launched branded mobile clients for most major mobile platforms, and since then, mobile activity is up 62%. Also, almost half of Twitter users utilize Twitter on a mobile basis, whether it be through the mobile web or via a client.

It's obvious that Twitter has made some moves in mobile, and these moves have appeared to pay off. Utilization is up and Twitter's reach has been extended on a new platform. Do you utilize Twitter on a mobile device and if so -- do you find it useful?

Might Apple's Ping Take Out MySpace?

Apple's new iTunes version 10 features a new social network called Ping. The new service is centered around music and allows iTunes users to share their favorite bands, tracks and genres of music. iTunes has a user base of around 180 million users on PCs and Mac computers, so the potential reach of this service is immense.

However, Mashable recently postulated that Ping may have enough power to finally take MySpace out. Steve Jobs pitched Ping as Facebook and Twitter for music and the service basically builds a feed of what your friends are listening to on iTunes. Soon the service will also be available on Apple's portable devices, including the iPhone and iPod Touch.

However, the idea that Ping will take out MySpace is not believable. MySpace is a community and marketplace for independent and unnoticed bands. Also, MySpace has established a fanatic audience of online users who have stuck with the service through all these years. iTunes, which is computer-based and only available to a small audience, will definitely gain traction -- but in my opinion, MySpace is safe for now.

Is Social Networking Hindering Your Job Search?

With so many folks out there looking for work right now, every detail counts. Some open positions receive hundreds of applications, even for entry-level positions. A new study from Technisource says that users of social networks would alter their behavior if they knew a current or potential employer might be looking.

Amongst IT workers, 50 percent report that they would modify or delete content if they new a prospective employer was going to review their page as part of an interview process. Also, roughly a third in this group said that they have been approached about a career opportunity via social media while 41% have used social networking sites to seek out job information.

Social networking is now playing a huge role in job hunting, both from employers reaching out to new candidates and job hunters utilizing social media to check into firms and research them. With sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook, reaching out is now a bit easier and hopefully makes job hunting less daunting.

Small Brands Increasingly Turning to Social Media

As huge brand such as Old Spice and Nike have found out, social media and interesting marketing campaigns that utilize it properly can have huge payoffs. Whereas traditional advertising is cold, impersonable and unmeasurable; social media campaigns can easily be adjusted and monitored for effectiveness.

Smaller brands are turning to social media as well, especially to sites such as Twitter and Facebook. A recent survey of 269 small to medium size enterprises found that 54% of these entities are using these websites, with more than 35% posting content each day. Small to medium sized businesses are finding Twitter and Facebook to be a quick and easy way to post small updates in a straightforward manner.

This trend has shown itself in every day life as well. As one can see on many small restaurants or business establishments, Facebook and/or Twitter stickers are shown in an effort to lure patrons to 'follow' or 'friend' them on these popular social networking sites.