Social media moves so fast, it's hard to keep up. Here are the week's top stories in scan-friendly format:

  • Yammer Debuts Dramatic Re-Design
  • Twitter Now Third Most Trafficked Social Network
  • LinkedIn Revamps Company Pages
  • Rainmaker Adds Social Data To Your Google Contacts

Yammer Debuts Dramatic Re-Design

Yammer is a Twitter-like service that allows for micro-messaging within companies and groups of co-workers. Used by many organizations, including here at, Yammer enables distributed teams to have ongoing dialogue, share links, all in a private place amongst team-members.

Version 2.0 of the service, debuted today, has now made Yammer a platform for enterprise communication, going beyond simple messaging. The new applications include polls, chat, events, links, topics, ideas and much more. Also, these new facilities expand Yammer's reach and makes it a swiss-army knife for teams of all sizes.

As TechCrunch points out, Yammer is now treading into new territory where it's competing with services such as Jive, CubeTree and others. Yammer is utilized by over a million users in 80,000 organizations. The enterprise social networking site is on a growth pattern and with Yammer 2.0 now on the scene, the growth doesn't appear to be slowing any time soon.

Twitter Now Third Most Trafficked Social Network

Twitter, the social network that is discussed routinely here on the Social Media Minute, has seen a major milestone this week. When speaking in terms of web traffic, Twitter has passed MySpace as the number 3 most access social network on the Internet.

According to numbers released by comScore and published in the Wall Street Journal, had almost 96 million unique visitors last month. In the same period, MySpace had 95 million uniques. Facebook was number one with 598 million visitors and number two was Microsoft Windows Live.

Twitter has been busy recently adding new features including a new user interface that highlights shared video, pictures and other media. MySpace has also tried to add new features, but its time in the social networking spotlight has waned and these visitor numbers show yet in another way that Twitter is a dominant force.

LinkedIn Revamps Company Pages

This must be the week for social networking user interface re-designs, because LinkedIn also has rolled out changes to company pages, which were launched in April of this year. Company pages are profiles that show information about a company's products, management and market.

Now, company profiles are getting more capabilities. Company administrators can publish blog posts, job vacancies, company news and even a corporate Twitter account, if so desired. On the hiring side, companies can make a tab showing employee profiles, department pages, average tenure of employees and so on.

LinkedIn's desire is obviously to get companies to expose more data about themselves to attract more interested job applicants. Also, LinkedIn's new functionality makes it possible to make a company profile page a living document with recent updates, which is much more valuable to anyone seeking information on a company, including potential partners and clients.

Rainmaker Adds Social Data To Your Google Contacts

If you use Google Contacts as a part of GMail, Google's popular web mail client, you know that getting data into the system can be a bit cumbersome. To help make your Google Contacts data more rich and interactive, Rainmaker has released a tool that syncs data from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn so you don't have to manually update your Google contacts or lookup information yourself.

As new information such as workplace, phone numbers or addresses are changed, Rainmaker will automatically update the entry in Google Contacts. New users get 25 contacts for free upon signing up with Rainmaker, and additional syncs are priced on a monthly basis thereafter.

Even though Rainmaker is a paid service, the time it could save you in keeping your Google Contacts up to date might be worth it.