Social media moves so fast, it's hard to keep up. Here are the week's top stories in scan-friendly format:

  • Dream Social Media Job Axed
  • Twitter Changes Terms, Pisses Off Users
  • See All Your Social Profiles on GizaPage
  • Facebook Goes Real-Time With Update

Dream Social Media Job Axed

Ted Wheeler, an official in Multnomah County, Oregon, opened a position this week that raised a lot of eyebrows. It seems Mr. Wheeler was searching for a Social Media Coordinator to handle the County's profile in the various social media worlds. The US$ 70,000 per year position would be the envy of any social media person.

However, under pressure from local media and talk radio, the County axed the position three days after opening it. It turns out that Multnomah County is laying people off in light of the recession and as a result cannot justify the existence of a person being paid to Tweet, be on Facebook and maintain other social media profiles on behalf of the county.

Mashable has decried the job being taken down, saying Multnomah County could have been a trailblazer in the social media world with regards to government involvement.

Twitter Changes Terms, Pisses Off Users

Twitter is still digging out of the implications of their latest service change. Earlier this week, they altered the way @replies are handled on the service and took out the inherent value @replies provided. For those unaware, @replies are a way to direct a message at a person on Twitter in a semi-public way. @replies allowed you to engage in conversation with folks who don't follow you, resulting in spontaneous and often fruitful dialogue.

However, Twitter claimed @replies caused too much stress on their system and made it possible to only see @replies from people you already follow. This small change angered Twitter users who revolted and complained readily about the change. 

Late Wednesday, Twitter brought back the @reply functionality -- sort of and posted an update on their blog.

Regardless of how you feel on Twitter's change, the uproar in the community is something to take note of. Especially when the Twitter community helped build the success the company has witnessed thus far.

See All Your Social Profiles on GizaPage

Online identity management takes a lot of time. This is because each site you have a profile on has unique information based on the type of social network. For instance, Facebook is used to maintain social connections where LinkedIn is intended to be more work centric. What if you wanted to have a page that contained all your social networking profiled pages?

This is where GizaPage comes into play. With the service, a user imports all their profile information from various social networks. At the moment, GizaPage supports around 40 social sites including Flickr, Facebook, FriendFeed, Digg and so on. After your GizaPage is configured, you have one location for your online contacts to see your activities across your personal social networking universe.

How do you maintain your online identity? Would GizaPage interest and speed things up for you?

Facebook Goes Real-Time With Update

Facebook is continually making moves to help make the social networking site more attractive to users. One usability factor that Facebook features is the ability to keep up to date when someone comments on a photo or leaves a message on your wall. These emails help keep you up to date on your friends' activity on Facebook.

As announced on their blog earlier this week, Facebook has added popup alerts about the chat box that immediately notify you about the a fore mentioned events such as a friend writing on your wall. The alerts appear for a few seconds and then disappear from the lower right hand corner. You can disable the popup alerts by clicking on the X in the box.

Since Facebook killed the live feed a few months back, real-time updates are a welcome feature add-on and advance the usefulness of the already-popular social networking website.