Social media moves so fast, it's hard to keep up. Here are the week's top stories in scan-friendly format:

  • Twitter Search Gets A Competitor in Twazzup
  • Web 2.0 is Fu**ed?
  • Facebook Slowly Conquers Europe
  • Monitor Executive's Chat On Twitter with ExecTweets

Twitter Search Gets A Competitor in Twazzup

Real-time web search is believed by many to be the 'next big thing' in search technology. This is because being able to find real-time information on what is being said about a specific topic -- be it an event, brand name or news item -- is a very powerful and exciting idea.

Twitter has launched their own search engine, following their acquisition of Summize in 2008, but a new kid on the block might give Twitter's search a run for it's money.

Twazzup goes further than Twitter's native search by providing real-time updates, but adds functionality such as popular users, links and other information for popular search queries. There is also a useful pause button in the upper right to temporarily halt real-time search results from scrolling on your page.

Twazzup provides more context to Twitter search results, rather than simply displaying a page with every mention of a certain word.

Web 2.0 is Fu**ed?

Andrew Keen, the outspoken naysayer of Web 2.0 ideas and technologies, recently said on Techcrunch that he believes Web 2.0 doesn't work. He points to the fact that the industry has yet to generate dependable revenues. Additionally, he calls social media the "cult of the amateur" and leads to mediocrity in online conversations.

Whether social media is profitable or not, many involved aren't in it for the money. Social media has given individuals the power to cause real change and embrace others on the Internet. After all, isn't that the original purpose of the world wide web -- to bring people together?

Check out the video from Techcrunch and find your own conclusions. Do you agree with Keen, or is he just a loudmouth who wants to puff up his own exposure by trying to piss bloggers off?

Facebook Slowly Conquers Europe

Recent figures out of research firm comScore indicate that Facebook has seen astounding growth on the European continent. How astounding? From February 2008 to February 2009, traffic growth on the social network site grew some 314%. In Italy specifically, traffic grew at 2721% year-over-year.

Facebook has many competitors in the social networking market including MySpace, hi5, Friendster and countless local social sites. For this newcomer to establish themselves as the bonafide social network of choice in such a short period of time is really remarkable. No wonder Facebook is pushing to get more local languages supported on their platform!

For some time, we have known that Facebook is popular here in the United States and Canada, but these numbers from comScore indicate that Facebook fever is sweeping Europe as well. Perhaps other parts of the world are turning to Facebook as well, lets hope future research can clear this up.

Monitor Executive-Level Chat On Twitter with ExecTweets

Ever wonder what the top dogs are saying on Twitter? That is, what are executive-level Twitter users talking about on the social networking chat site? A new service from advertising agency Federated Media aims to track high level company officials and offer insight into what conversation items are hot in the Twitter-sphere.

At first glance, many bloggers thought this was a way Twitter was monetizing their business. However further insight tells us that ExecTweets is just a product from FM that is trying to creatively re-purpose Twitter chatter in order to make money off it, as a third party.

Give ExecTweets a look over and see if you discover any insightful conversation amongst the top level professionals amongst companies.