Rumors of Twitter's slowing progress were all over the Web this week, but recent news gives reason to believe the microblogging king will still be on top in 2011. Specifically, the relaunch of its business site now includes a form that companies can use to purchase Promoted Accounts, Promoted Trends or Promoted Tweets.

For the company that changed the Internet without a business model, social media marketing and advertising are key elements in remaining a force to be reckoned with. As a part of this so-called renewed business push, the features are fairly basic: a tutorial on the fundamentals of Twitter, a guide for optimizing activity, and a section called Start Advertising, which is where advertisers will find the new form:

Spokesperson Carolyn Penner hints that our fine feathered friend isn't stopping here, however: "We’ve seen tremendous growth in the creative ways businesses and organizations are leveraging Twitter, and we want to make sure you have access to their great ideas. We'll continue to update the site with fresh use cases, tips, tools, and resources."

Is it Going to be Enough?

Unfortunately, not everyone is charmed by Twitter's advertising push. The company has largely been known for its quiet, simple way of doing things, and this change of pace is definitely going to rub some of the platform's old school fans the wrong way. 

Learning Opportunities

"Twitter is inviting marketing money bags to completely ruin the organic nature of the tool," said social media marketing consultant, Jason Falls. "When I look at something like that, I tell clients, 'They're just whores for your money.' It's obvious they're making Facebook-like errors to try and compensate for the fact they never had a business model in mind when they built this thing."

It just goes to show you that you can't please everyone, right? 

Twitter's growth still remains to be seen, but at least the company can say they're not trying to change right along with the times. If you're interested in checking out their new way of doing things, head on over to the business site