Now that Justin Bieber has been banned from trending topics and the World Cup is over, Twitter has time for adding new features. The first came this week in the form of enhanced search results. Now, when you search a name,  three user accounts show up above real time results:  

Twitter name results 

You'll also notice that in the top right corner there is a link for a full-scale name search, if it's users that interest you rather than tweets. 

A hovercard feature allows users to preview any of the accounts, and includes an overview as well as a follow function:




The feature is poised to boost followership, and users should find it a lot easier to discover new and interesting accounts to follow. Thankfully, Twitter includes a verified account symbol in the hovercard so it shouldn't  be too difficult to filter through the less interesting (or impostors).

Twitter has had a people search feature for some time now, but it's been obscure. This change brings it to the forefront of the platform's main search feature, grabbing the attention of users that might not have known about it before. 

Is Charging on the Horizon?

The bigger free platforms get, the more talk there is about having to eventually pay for them. Just ask Facebook. In recent times, here have been rumors about Twitter's interest in selling followers, and this addition would certainly  work to open the floodgates. 

Like Promoted Tweets and Promoted Trends, Twitter could possibly create a ‘Promoted Account’ option, which users would pay for in order to be featured in the top 3 name results-- just like sponsored links in regular search engine results.