Good Saturday to y'all. In the eventful, volcano-ash peppered week that just flew by, Open Text’s WCM/ECM quilting hobby attracted attention yet again.

The Enterprise CMS wizards over at the Real Story Group put together a visual representation of OTEX's "family tree," highlighting the many acquisitions that have been made over the years.

One piece I'd like to add to this quilt is FirstClass Communications Platform from Centrinity. SoftArc Inc. started developing and shipping FirstClass in early 90’s. In 1999, SoftArc merged with MC2 Learning Systems to form Centrinity, which was acquired by Open Text in 2002. FirstClass was later used as the underlying engine in Open Text Social Media.



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In the meantime, we also saw a slightly cooled-down, yet unstoppable debate on open source vs. open core vs. hybrid models. Here are some memorable quotes:

Eric Barroca, CEO of Nuxeo (news, site):

…open source: it's here to stay for good. But the "open core" model offer no long-term benefit for customers: it just blurs the real value of open source for them, only leveraging the distribution channel it implies for the vendor benefit.

Jeroen Verberg, CEO of Hippo (news, site):

A open source software business model simply doesn't exist, by definition.… I think your business model should be around something else than the software. Let it go, you are not selling software anymore.

Some asserted that the next 12-18 months the term ‘open source company’ will quickly fade away.

And in other news in the universe of content technologies:

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