This week the outcry over the demise of Office 2010 mobile beta was so great that Microsoft had to apologize. It looks like it will also be having problems with Google Docs. And Xerox is down but far from out.

Microsoft: We’re So So Sorry!

In something akin to a petulant child apologizing for stealing cookies, Microsoft (news, site) has apologized for terminating the beta of mobile Office 2010 last week, but says details of its demise were contained in the original small print and you really should have read that.

Obviously, though, quite a number of people hadn’t. The beta went offline on April 5th leaving users who had installed the beta unable to launch Microsoft Office Apps on their phone.

The apology, which appears on the Microsoft Office 2010 Engineering blog, explains how you might resolve the issue, which is a good thing, unless of course your phone did not come with Office Mobile 6.1 pre-installed. In that case you will have to uninstall Office Mobile 2010 beta and then re-install the older version of Office Mobile.

If your phone did not have Office Mobile 6.1 pre-installed then you’re just going to have to buy it. A small (very) olive branch is that Microsoft says uninstalling Office Mobile 2010 Beta will not delete or alter any of the documents you have on your phone or Microsoft Office SharePoint Server.

Office Mobile 2010 will be available for download through Windows Marketplace for Mobile at the same time as the Office 2010 suite in June.

Xerox Down, But Fighting Fit

Xerox’s (news, site) annual report has just been released and shows that the document management and hardware giant is down 14% overall on the year with revenues of US $15.2bn.

Like many others, it cites the depressed economy as the major contributing factor in the fall off in revenues saying that tightened purse strings were making many companies in the enterprise and SMB market shy away from investing in new software and technologies.

While no one will be worried about the future of Xerox, tucked away in one of the smaller paragraphs is a statement that says the company is really going focus its efforts this year on the document management market, and extend the reach of its business process outsourcing operations (BPO).

BPO was always going to be one of its priorities after the acquisition of ACS, which was finalized in September, for US$ 6.2bn and which produced total revenues at the end of 2009 of US$ 6.6bn.This is a space really worth watching this year as the economy cranks up. The annual report is now available on the website.

Adobe Creative Suite 5.0 Enhances Workflows

The latest release of Adobe’s (news, site) Creative Suite, which is due to ship in the next 30 days, comes with new workflow enhancements as well as access to Omniture technologies that will enable it to capture and analyze information and content generated by websites and other sources.

This new version, Creative Suite 5, has just been formally released and comes with full upgrades to Adobe’s creative tools so developers and designers can get and give more to their workflows.

Shantanu Narayen, Adobe’s president and chief executive officer, said that the new release focused on integratingto business analytics into the creative process so that targeted content could be created quicker and more effectively.

And to help designers and developers get along better, it also comes with a new component called Flash Catalyst which enables both  create interactive content without having to write code.

Learning Opportunities

IBM Helps The IRS

In case anyone in the US didn’t need reminding, April 15 is tax return day! Those working in IT and document management in particular are just going to love IBM (news, site) for its latest release, which will ensure no one gets away with anything -- if they ever did that is.

Big Blue has just today announced an expansion of its fraud and abuse management portfolio with a new offering aimed at optimizing the collection of delinquent tax debts for governments around the world.

The IBM Tax Collections Optimizer uses new IBM patented analytics technology to help governments identify the most effective and efficient methods to collect taxes from delinquent debtors. The company says that governments, more than ever, are anxious to get every cent they can with tax collections quickly emerging as a renewed focus area in document management.

Part of IBM’s Global Business Services, it uses a unique combination of data analytics and other models to create action plans for each case.The plan optimizes the order of activities agents will take in order to maximize the total amount of debts collected.

And if you live in New York, it gets even better. The New York State Department of Taxation and Finance has already installed it after collaborating with IBM in its development.

Google, Microsoft Fight Another Round

Finally, the Google Docs V Microsoft Office 2010 heavy-weight last-one-standing contest continues this week with the enhancement of Google Docs with features that bring it closer to traditional word-processing software.

Yes we already covered it, but it’s like watching Psycho from behind the couch; scary, but you can’t turnyour eyes away, especially now that the general release of Office 2010 is only eight weeks hence.

There are all kinds of things here including:

  • New Document and Spreadsheet features
  • Higher fidelity document import
  • Speed

And there’s a lot more collaboration. How much more is on the way between now and then?