Alterian Platform Strategy Focuses on Web CMS

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Alterian's New Platform Strategy
So an integrated marketing platform provider went out and bought a web content management company. That was story several months ago for Alterian and Mediasurface. But now that it's all said and done, what's the plan going forward? Alterian lays out their new platform strategy.The new platform strategy announced begins with a new marketing team structure that is designed to support the evolution of Alterian's multi-channel marketing analytics solution. That evolution involves the integration of analytics and web content management.

Three New Market Offerings

Alterian plans to offer products across three markets:* Database and Operational Marketing* Email Marketing* Web Content Management

New Roles and Responsibilities

Heading up the product marketing team is Alterian Chief Marketing Officer Jason McNamara. Joe Stanhope takes on the role of Vice President for Platform Strategy. His role includes ensuring the overall platform remains consistent and integrated and looking for new capabilities and markets for their integrated marketing platform.Mediasurface's Chief Technology Officer for the Morello CMS, Ian Truscott, has become the Vice President of Web Content Management product strategy. David Fowler becomes the VP of Email Marketing Strategy and Gary Brooks the Director of Database and Operational Marketing.Responsibilities for each business line owner includes:* Developing marketing strategy* Co-ordinating the launch of new products and releases* Providing communications and support to internal and external audiencesDavid Eldridge, Chief Executive Officer at Alterian, added, "Our primary objective as a company is to establish Alterian as a leader in each of the three markets, and to continue to innovate our platform offering. These appointments will not only allow us to do that, but will act as the springboard for platform integration that is the next stage in our journey towards helping marketers take a truly unique and customised approach to every marketing campaign."It's that next stage in the journey we are wondering about. At this time, it appears the Web Content Management Product line isn't being integrated with the analytics solution. Is the plan to continue to develop all three Mediasurface CMS separately and then at some later time integrated the Alterian marketing analytics? Will they merge web content management into a single solution offering? The jury is still out on whether the merging of Mediasurface and Alterian was really the best decision for Alterian -- or Mediasurface.