Asbru Web CMS: eCommerce Updates, Mobile Enabled
Asbru (news, site), friend to both tech and the technically challenged, is out with version 7.1 of their simple yet flexible Web content management system.

Aside from improved import capabilities, added editing modes and new features for online stores, v7.1 is exciting because it enables organizations to deliver content that's been reformed to fit different devices such as mobile phones.


Asbru is an out-of-the-box kind of Web CMS. Designed to be ready to use immediately thanks to built-in templates and graphic design styles, the platform definitely caters to those without technical skills.

But don't mistake Asbru as juvenile; the platform certainly isn’t a beginner’s game through and through. The web CMS is flexible despite all-encompassing defaults and services a wide range of organizations in education, the public sector and the product and services industry.

This is You Asbru on Mobile

Now, Asbru invites you to take their flexibility with you on the go.The built-in template system, which already helps organizations to build several versions of their websites, now includes the option of configuring those websites for mobile display.

The company's example: An organization can for example build and display a simplified mobile friendly version of their website to mobile phone users and another version of their website with a layout to fit larger screen sizes to other users. The new functionality enables organizations to configure special website versions for as many different devices as required.

eCommerce et al.

eCommerce has been a part of Asbru's platform for quite a while now, but version 7.1 of the solution adds several new features for online stores.

The new discount functionality, for example, includes a choice of several different discount schemes including fixed amount discounts and volume discounts. Discounts can also be offered during a specific period, or to specific users or user groups, or only if a user presents a discount code during checkout.

Just as with their Web CMS, Asbru claims the new eCommerce perks, such as discount schemes, can easily be setup by non-technical administrators.

In addition to mobile and eCommerce stuff, v7.1 includes a handful of cool new stuff for integrators and developers:

  • Added APIs for archiving, backup and publishing of content items to external servers
  • An API for integration of Asbru Web Content Management’s E-Commerce features with external stock inventory systems and other external databases, services and systems
  • Easier upload of images and files for visitors (think images to message boards or a CV if you're a job seeker) which includes...
  • Automatic anti-virus checking and other processing of images and files uploaded by website visitors

See the full list of updates and adds here.

As per usual for Asbru, when they come with an update they're not messing around. For a detailed once over of the platform, we recommend you check out an online trial version.