What’s better than social media? Social media 3D.

This was one of the statements made today by Erik Hartman, the organizer of the Mobile Mojo event in Utrecht, NL, as he kicked off the conference, stressing the value of having real-life, 3D conversations. During the day we delved into strategies and techniques designed to get more value in your content strategy from mobile channels and social media. Here are the highlights.

Your Website is Dead

Pronounced dead by Arje Cahn, Hippo Web CMSCTO, the website was killed on the stage by the grim reaper – the mask,scythe and all (I am not exaggerating).

So, websites are dead.Internet access in many countries around the world is only available viamobile phones. The trend here is that more and more screens (be itiPad, or your bathroom mirror) are arising, and we need to be able topush content to them. The challenge is that they’re all different.

Websites are more and more turning into apps. The bottom line – yourwebsite will be app-ified (by you or someone else).

Your website willbe personalized, just like your phones and other mobile devices aregetting personalized. People want what they want to see and what theywant to know. Not more, not less…

Your homepage is also dead, by the way. Website visitors don’t come to the homepage anymore. Sites will become archives and static, dull objects sitting on the Internet. The entire web is dead, as you may remember.

Ifyou thought the browser war was bad, what we are seeing now with theweb is even worse. We’re producing content not for a set of browsers,but for multiple devices and screens that are all very different. How doyou deal with this?

Cahn’s answer (admittedly, rather vague) is have a “multi-everything content strategy.”

Managing Audio and Video in a Mobile World

Theanti-hyped software sommelier Theresa Regli of the Real Story Group addressed the challenges ofmanaging media in organizations in general, as well as the specialchallenges of the mobile world.

A lot of people use mobile devicesfor fun, but not for getting things done (be it managing assets orrecords, for example). However, the use of enterprise mobile mediamanagement and analytics is on the rise.

Learning Opportunities

Digital asset management has its ownspecial challenges. It’s large, hard to manage, non-textual. But mobilemedia is not without the challenges either. Mobile devices live in lowerbandwidth environments. The majority of mobile devices have limitedscreen display size.

Some applications don’t work on certaindevices (e.g. Flash on iPad). It’s too difficult to manage media from amobile device right now. Managing documents from a mobile devicebecoming more and more common, but managing audio or video is toodifficult to do on a small screen. Managing digital assets on a computeris the only feasible way.

The delivery of media should be tailoredto a specific device. Do you then create multiple versions ofeverything? Many organizations do this right now. But Regli is startingto see more adoption of transcoding (.mov > .swf) in organizations.This will be a key technology in terms of delivering content to mobiledevices.

Got the Mojo?

The Mobile Mojo event continued throughoutthe day, as more and more secrets behind mobile and social media wererevealed by an impressive group of international gurus. A variety oftopics were discussed:

  • Social media best practices
  • Twitter and the police
  • Is there life after Twitter?
  • Mobile and social: Work with what you’ve got
  • Increase user engagement through the use of game mechanics

“Soyou think you can MobileMojo” competition among several Web CMS vendors– Day Software, Hippo and WaxTrapp -- was yet another highlight of theday. Each vendor had to do a seven-minute presentation to win the charmof the conference attendees, who are now voting for the winner. Checkthe #mmojo Twitter feed for audience’s (and judges’) reactions to thebattle. We’ll drop in the winner update once MobileMojo 2010 Champion isannounced.


And the MobileMojo 2010 Champion is Hippo CMS. Congrats!

arje cahn.jpg

Arje Cahn, Hippo