Atex (news, site) celebrates five years of rising profits and plans for greater things to come with new products on show at mediaXchange.

Atex Aces It

Booming Web CMS outfit Atex has been a busy company recently. Not content with snapping up rivals and aiming for the iPad, it has just announced record profits for 2009 and unveiled plans for new product at mediaXchange in Florida next week.

Reporting on a corking 2009, Reading, U.K.-based Atex's Web CMS accounted for some 40% of new orders, doubling its digital sales. With interests in print, Web, advertising, the company has a strong base to continue generating profits and Atex plans to invest another $18 million during 2010.

Up and Coming

Soon to be unveiled are two new acquired products at mediaXchange in Orlando, from 11-14 April. Atex will be showing the recently acquired Kaango and AdGear. The two products will help Atex form a seamless workflow for advertisers. Kaango offers a self-service marketplace for publishers, giving them the ability to design custom packages for advertisers.


Kaango in its current guise, will complement Atex's portfolio

AdGear  -- signed up with an OEM deal from Bloom Digital -- will become part of Atex's advertising suite and offers ad serving, optimization and targeting, while helping to control and measure online and mobile advertising. As part of the Atex advertising suite, the AdGear platform provides publishers, advertisers and agencies with the tools to meet consumers online and in the mobile space. AdGear, it is claimed, will help increase the effectiveness of digital media investment by better connecting brands with the intended target audience.


AdGear strips out the complexity of online advertising

If you can't make it to Orlando, Atex will be at Gilbane in May and other events, or the company site has the usual contact points.